5 must watch Hollywood movies


More often than not, Hollywood movies are replete with High-octane action. Many a time, this high octane performances are coupled with fabulous plots. Well, the glamor of the actors and star crew is bound to keep audience preoccupied and religiously inclined. Listening to soft, instrumental music will soothe our nerves. Well, the genre of detective and suspense stories is much celebrated and enjoys a rich legion of enthusiasts and fans.

More often than not, it is quite common to hear people at restaurants, or even on public roads, discussing the complexities of life, the foibles of the government officials and corporate bureaucrats, and the blunders their colleagues make, but which they themselves do away with. If time and energy were to be judiciously employed and attention to various activities is not allowed to spill over, there would be a greater measure of competence and consequent prosperity in the country as a whole, as also a happier and healthier population. As Laurence Sterne once said, “Men tire themselves in the pursuit of rest.” A definite way to rest and live life to its fullest moments is by watching these ‘must watch’ movies:

  1. Pursuit of Happiness:

This movie tops the list of ‘5 must watch Hollywood movies’ with no second thought. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, the film won the laurels of the rank and file when it struck the screens on December 15, 2006. This is a masterpiece that dealt with the homelessness of Chris Gardener. Will Smith and Jaden Smith are a treat to watch. The music is absolutely soothing and this movie is a panacea to all the maladies. For his exceptional performance in Pursuit of Happiness, Will Smith was nominated for an Academy Award for best actor. In addition, he was nominated for a Golden Globe award for best actor.

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Here are a few awe-inspiring quotes from this movie:

“If you want something, go get it.”

“Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something. You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you that you can’t do it.”

“Everything will be alright in the end. If it is not alright, it is not the end.”

  1. V for Vendetta:

This movie enjoyed and still enjoys the supreme legion of fans. Based on a graphic novel entitled “V for Vendetta” penned by Alan Moore, this move struck the screens worldwide on March 17, 2006. This American political thriller film was directed by James McTeigue. It is an era in which illustrious directors covet multi-skilled actors. A multi-skilled genius is often a mystical figure. That’s why Hugo Weaving is a one-in-a generation. As portrayed by the star cast, no tendency is as strong as the desire to outpoint corrupt government officials and this is what drives every action of V’s quest to locate the final piece to complete the jigsaw.



Here are a few inspiring quotes from this masterpiece:

“Beneath this mask, there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea! And ideas are bullet proof.”

“I like God, Do not play with dice and do not believe in coincidence.”

“If you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you seek as I seek, I ask you to stands beside me.”

  1. The Dark Knight Trilogy:
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This common man turned no-nonsense vigilante super hero trilogy encompasses:

  • Batman Begins – Released in the year 2005.
  • The Dark Knight – Released in the year 2008.
  • The Dark Knight Rises – Released in the year 2012.

Based on the story outlined in DC comics, Christopher Nolan spiced it up genuinely to evince revolutionary thoughts among his audience. Christopher Nolan directed and produced his one-off trilogy. Christian Bale as batman did ultimate justice to his role. He had the measure of most of his enemies such as Bane and joker. However, the pursuit of maintain the dignity of Gotham city tested the temperament of Batman. Batman ran hot and cold but seized the nitty-gritty that mattered the most to outperform his super villains.


Here are a few inspiring quotes from this:

“I wear a mask. And that mask is not to hide who I am, but to create what I am.”

“If you are good at something, never do it for free.”

“It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you.”

“Madness as you know is a lot like gravity. What it needs is a gentle push.”

  1. Prestige:

Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman form an interesting pair to engage audience in a mystery drama film. Directed by Christopher Nolan, this masterpiece struck the screens on October 20, 2006. Hugh Jackman as Robert Angier and Christian Bale as Alfred Borden regaled the audience with their elegance and supreme performances. Scarlett Johansson managed to attract audience spotlight with her beauty and glamor. This film delved into the intricacies of stage magicians and the script was highly engrossing.

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Here are a few inspirational quotes from this movie:

“If you understand my obsession, then you will not stop me.”

“Secrets are my life. A pretty assistant is the most affective form of misdirection.”

“Never show anyone. They will beg you and flatter you for the secret, but as soon as you give it up, you will be nothing to them.”

“The secret impresses no one. The trick you use is for everything.”

  1. Inception:

This is another masterpiece by the celebrated Christopher Nolan. This science fiction film is based on the concept of ‘corporate espionage.’ This heist film portrays Leonardo DiCaprio as a professional thief who is known for his rare implantation of another person’s idea into the conscience of his target. This movie involves intricate plots, twists and turns and most importantly, out of the blue consequences. For its exceptional story and supreme cast and crew performances, Inception grossed over $825 million.



Here are a few inspiring quotes from this movie:

“You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little big, darling!”

“What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Highly resilient and highly contagious.”