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5 must do’s to live a happy life


These days people have forgotten the real meaning of happiness. They try to buy happiness with money. A few habits can bring peace and happiness in life.
1. Think less
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Nowadays, people are very busy and they have got a lot of things to do in life. Even during holidays, people are busy talking on phone. They keep thinking about increasing their assets and scope of work. Their minds are never on rest. People must give their mind some rest and stop thinking for a while. They should take a deep breath and ignore all the problems for a while and enjoy the moment of peace. Thinking too much is never a solution to any problem. One must keep calm and solve the problems. Even in their free time, they have a problem to think upon.

2. Learn to accept things you cannot change

We must try to accept things as they are. Everything cannot be changed and molded as per our choice. Most of the conflicts are because of the non acceptance of things. People do not accept each other’s habits. Acceptance is the ultimate solution to all the major problems. If you start accepting things, most of your problems will get solved on their own. Acceptance is tool to lead a stress free and happy life. You cannot control everything. Accepting a few things as they are is no harm.

3. Do not expect too much

You can ruin your happy life by expecting too much. We expect too much of everything without even realizing. Every girl expects to get married to a prince charming. Every person expects a great earning. Expectations lead to disappointments. If you expect too much, you cannot be happy. Everybody wants everything. Less expectations lead to more satisfaction and satisfaction is the ultimate reason of happiness. You can be happy only if you are satisfied with your life.

4. Follow your heart

You must not do things for the sake of your reputation or public image. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, LIVE FOR YOURSELF. You must follow your heart. You must do whatever you feel like. Superficial life is not worth living. You must live for yourself. Doing what you love is the best way to live life. Happiness comes when you follow heart and fulfill your wishes.

5. F.L.Y ( First Love Yourself)

You must love yourself and pamper your soul. You must not get disheartened by your failures. You must have the courage to FLY and reach the sky. If you love yourself, you will never do anything that will disappoint you or hurt you. You can follow your heart only if you love yourself. You must know your flaws and accept who you are. People often try to change themselves to look like people or to be like people. But the best thing is to be yourself.



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