5 Must Attend Festivals Before You Die


We all find are up to finding reasons to celebrate.Why?According to me the reason does not lie in the monotonous environment around us but it lies in the discovery of happiness with in us. We don’t crave for religion or events to give a reason to celebrate we create these as events as a cover up to let go.
Festivals are not god fearing or god believing events they are the essence of tradition, a symbol of happiness.Carnivals are all over the world and we people are stuck in what’s near and whats ours. I strongly believe one should let go of this territorial bond and live these moments across the world.

1. HOLI – India
This Hindu festival celebrated all over India is the most colorful festival across the world. This 2-Day festival starts with a bonfire to mark the victory of good over evil.Then the next morning people Through colored powder “gulaal” to express there happiness and joy. It also marks the arrival of spring.

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2. , – Venice, Italy
This 900 year old festival is a celebration of Republic Of Venice being victorious against an attempted invasion.Victory was further celebrated in San Marco Square.This festival is celebrated by wearing traditional Vatican masks that protect your identity you are free to do anything.During this time Venice comes alive with masked tourists and residents and colorful boats lit up in the beautiful canals of Venice.With bands,entertainers and jugglers Venice are marked all over.



3. Winter Light Festival – Kuwana City, Japan
Nabano No Sato, a flower-focused park located in the city of Kuwana of japan features the ,most incredible light festival of Japan from mid November to the end of March From 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. this park is a very popular tourist attraction features the jaw dropping sites of the famous “Tunnel of Light”. It covers about & billion LED lights that mark the arrival of winters, the park is also featured with solar pannels which provide power to these lights giving no harm to the environment.

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4. La Tomatina – Buñol, Spain
Going back to 1945 in Spain, locals started throwing h tomatoes when locals pelted the vegetables at troublesome woodland creatures and missed throwing at each other and coming back to this time Buñol accounts about 20,000 revelers and about 1,50,000 tomatoes being thrown at each other in one day just for the sake of it. It has become the most popular festival across the globe.City is marked completely red during the festival.


5. Carnaval – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Carnival of Rio de jeneiro held before lent every year accounts as one of the world biggest festival around the globe with about 2 million people on street everyday. It started of in 1823 and now is joined by revelers, adornments from numerous samba schools and floats. The preparation for this festival lasts all day long. The parades and dances one of the most exquisite and amazing site of the world.

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Guys Life is short, too short to see every place, to taste every cuisine, to work all day and to even keep saving up. Take some memories before you go. Let loose yourself to celebrate.Let your senses experience the thrill of colors,lights,sites and let yourself be a kid for once. Don’t tie yourself and your joy in the territorial boundaries. Do experience these festivals and many more. Before you die!