5 Most Important Things to Know before Entering a Long Period of Isolation


This article is for those people who are soul searching and trying to rediscover themselves. The best way to find yourself is by completely disconnecting with the world and entering a long period of isolation. Solitude is an essential ingredient to having a happy and healthy life.

A special thanks to Commander Abhilash Tomy –  the first Indian to do a solo, unassisted, and nonstop circumnavigation under sail- for helping with this article.



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So here we go, the 5 Most Important Things to Know before Entering a Long Period of Isolation-

1.) It’s going to be unlike anything you have ever witnessed before. A completely new experience. Remember that before you go into it.










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2.) It’s about controlling how your mind behaves (and it does behave differently) in the absence of the stimuli that you are used to. Once you understand this, you will be able to enjoy solitude much better.

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3.) Do not bank on any external source of entertainment to pass your time. The best way to keep things under control would be to realise that it doesn’t pay to fool yourself.










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4.) If you encounter loneliness, know that only you can help yourself. It is a challenge you need to conquer by yourself. Things get much easier once you gain absolute control over your mind.


5.) The mind seeks to be employed all the time. You can use external sources like reading and movies (for example) to distract yourself, but you can’t count on them. After the initial moment of distraction you will eventually face being alone and nothing to occupy yourself with. In order to prepare for that, it’s advisable to not indulge in external sources of entertainment.










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Remember, if you have made a conscious decision to enter a long period of isolation, then you will probably succeed in surviving it in the best possible way. Don’t worry about anything. The only war you have to fight is the one to conquer your mind.