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5 Most Common Uses of DNA Tests


If you want to know more about your family tree or just want to find out about your pet’s breed, then you can simply do a DNA test to get answers. With the advancements in technology, DNA tests have become more accessible and are being used widely by common people. In fact, you can purchase a home DNA test kit these days and can conduct a DNA test at home as well. You can later send the kit to DNA experts and can get a detailed analysis of your DNA. But what kind of details you can learn about and why the DNA test is becoming so common? Below I have mentioned a few common uses of DNA tests that you should know about:

Paternity Test

One of the most common reasons for which people opt for a DNA test is to confirm paternity. A paternity test is the most accurate and the best way to find out about the child’s parent. Whether you want to take a test for peace of mind or for legal purposes, all you have to do is get a test kit and send it to a DNA analysis lab. People have also started to conduct tests for siblings and grandparents, and it is helping people find out family members and to solve legal cases.


Archaeologists have also started to use a DNA test to keep track of genetic codes and to establish links with the species before us to study the history of living organisms. They have created a DNA database which they use as a reference, and every new discovery goes through this database so new links can be established between living organisms. Scientists can also date back the steps of evolution in certain species and can even find out about the origin of that species. So, if you are a student of archaeology or biology, this could interest you a lot,

Family Tree

This is perhaps the most common reason for which people get a DNA test. Who doesn’t want to find out about their ancestors, and when you have the technology that has the answers, why not use it? If you are also interested in finding out about your family’s lineage, then you can go for a DNA test and can find out about it in no time. It can also help you find your ethnic origin, and you can learn if you are a mixture of different races or comes from a single-family line. 

Criminal Investigations

DNA tests have become an integral part of criminal investigations. Gone are the days when finding evidence against a criminal was extremely difficult. Nowadays, if the criminal was present at the crime scene, all the authorities have to do is find their DNA. Once they have the DNA, the criminal would not be able to deny that he or she was present in the scene. A lot of cases these days are getting solved with the help of DNA testing, and more people are getting justice. DNA tests have also helped people open up old cases that were left in the middle and find the criminal for good.

Family Reunion

Not all of us are lucky enough to grow with a family. There are a lot of people who are not aware of their family lineage and just want to find out who their parents or siblings are. Thanks to DNA testing, finding your family has become easier than ever. You can go for a service that scans DNA and search for any link with the ones that they already have in the database. This simple process can help reunite long lost families.



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