5 mistakes made by TRAI (Govt of India) in handling the issue of net neutrality


At present, The internet has become a vital part of life for almost each and everybody. In other words, it has enabled to keep the world close. Recently, net neutrality has recently been a big issue. It is referred to the principle which implies that Internet service providers must enable access to all the content and associated applications regardless of the source.  It also did not favor and blocking of some specific products and websites.

5 mistakes made by TRAI in handling the issue of net neutrality

As we all know that TRAI is responsible for governing the telecom-related issues in a precise manner. But recently, some vital mistakes made by TRAI while handling the issue related to net neutrality can be explained in a nutshell as under:

After making 1mn ids public, TRAI has tried to hide mistake but finally fails in the target While in a smash up shift, TRAI tainted electronic mail IDs of almost all the stakeholders who finally responded to the consultation paper. It was carried out on a proper structure for above the apex players associated with Viber, net neutrality, and WhatsApp. After facing criticism for making thousands of email IDs available publically on its web page, the TRAI finally resorted to managing those IDs ensure spammers by automatically repetition those IDs. In case of mange of the address, those IDs are tainted by replacing ciphers including @ to (at) and a ‘.’ to (dot). What TRAI hasn’t taken into version is that somebody may still pen a screenplay and fetch the desired email IDs. 


Anonymous brings down TRAI website after 1mn email IDs were made public

As per the latest timeline of Twitter, the TRAI’s web page has been brought down by Anonymous India. At that moment, the website of TRAI is inaccessible, and the URL cannot be retrieved. A DDOS, i.e., Distributes Denial of Service has been carried out by Anonymous attack against the TRAI website. It has taken down the TRAI website after the regulator put out 1 million email ids of the users who had been responsible for sending email responses on the Net Neutrality debate. Some of the tweets can be easily checked through the online posts.

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TRAI reveals a million net neutrality hacked email ids

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India was hacked in an alleged manner. A collection namely AnonOpsIndia itself claimed the factor on Twitter that the respective web page during a distributed rejection of examine attacks. The hacking took place, afterward, the TRAI revealed the emails of over 1 million guys who wrote their reviews on consultation paper regarding net neutrality which made the respondent’s emails available to the phishers. TRAI officials paid a deaf ear to  any sort of hack overs and stated that the website was down due to some technical faults. The publishing your email address by TRAI on the website implies that in case anybody did a little for net neutrality by distribution of emails on any occasion, you are on the way to be a sitting bend for all sort of spam like loans, credit cards, Viagra ads and many more. Only a spammer needs to save the PDF available on the website of TRAI and skim the email concentrate on the same. It can also be considered as a privacy terrifying as it is an expedient record for email IDs of unscrupulous companies.

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A million of messages in the inbox of TRAI supporting net neutrality

As people flood the TRAI with emails, the campaign named Save the Internet gets created. It is expected that India will be making a massive milestone in the case of digital activism. The internet users are currently bombarding the TRAI at the rate of more than 50 emails per minute. The Government extended the deadline for submission of public comments on the proposed policy framework in relation to net neutrality. There has been a sudden surge in public comments on the proposed framework and submission of views. The surge was seen to follow campaigns by a few online groups. Net neutrality is known to call for equal management to all the traffics regardless giving any priority treatment to any particular entity on the basis of payment of content or service providers which also include the telecom companies which is a discriminatory.

TRAI states that shrill voices will not win the debate

With respect to Net Neutrality, TRAI stated clearly that shrill voices will not be able to win the debate as the concept is not practiced strictly. The TRAI has been known to float a conversation regarding this particular topic due to which a subjective debate broke out in the country which follows the launching of several platforms like internet.org and Airtel Zero. Instead the fact that cool-headed arguments are the dire want of the hour was really accepted by top personalities. TRAI already got flooded with more than lakh of requests against any attempt for throttling the concept of net neutrality.

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It has been claimed readily by Facebook, Airtel and other superior companies that they did not violate the principle of Net Neutrality principle. Instead, they actually aimed at expanding the access of Internet all across India. Without the properly associated operation of an industry, it is impossible to survive as farming will not be satisfactory as well as self-reliant in India. Instead, the industries need to be built on a war footing basis as India is far away from China in competition.

The TRAI website remained non-accessible for hours for some days after the releasing of comments on its website. It had been claimed by Anonymous that it has been successful in bringing downstairs the respective website in which vast quantity of internet passage has been passaged towards such a website hence disabling the access. It has been stated clearly that the website was following some technical blunders in the whole provided structure It is high time for all of us to be aware of what is going on all around. Also, the Internet also needs to be used with the proper car.