5 Mind Blowing Technology Under Construction


Technology, when the masses hear the term they always have thoughts of the recently released phones or music players or TVs or for speed junkies the fastest bike or the fastest car but it not only deals with everyday items but items that can save lives or create those little everyday items, it helps people commute from one place to another or create huge amount of useable energy that makes the lives of people smooth. We can so far as to go and say that people evolved due to the presence of technology. Wait but isn’t that a contradiction human-created technology to do less work but still work on better tech to do even less work.

Let’s start with a list comprising of technology still being researched or tested for improvement:


Sorry, there is no appropriate name for these little gimmicks, but calling them weird crystals will not be a stretch.

Some researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have invented a type of crystal particles that can absorb oxygen. Whoa, just absorbing oxygen ‘anyone can do it’, get it. But these babies can suck out oxygen not just from the air but even from water. Even a spoon full of these can easily empty a room of its oxygen; you got to admit that’s pretty cool.
These crystals are salts of cobalt and can store oxygen at a concentration 160% higher than that of air. And what’s even more radical is that it can release that stored oxygen when exposed to heat or UV radiation. It has even been compared to hemoglobin as even it uses iron to bind and release oxygen.

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These are still in their testing phase since they only absorb and release oxygen direct use will be harmful to any living organism. But you don’t need to be as smart as any of those guys who found it to imagine the uses of it ones it has been perfected. There will be no need for heavy oxygen tanks or bulky rebreather machineries, just a piece of material made of the crystal in the size of a handkerchief will be enough for staying months in space or underwater. The next one is the dream of many tech lovers.



Yes, it’s one of the most beloved branches in science. And beloved by the millions of people who find robots cool. I mean come on who doesn’t like the movie transformers. Back to the topic, robotics is a branch that improves daily, now a day’s critical operations in which one mistake can kill somebody are being done by robots, factories use robots since with a little maintenance one has a tireless army of workaholics who can work for days and night nonstop.

There is a definite type of robots created to resemble humans called “androids”. They are programmed to achieve what humans can do and more. Japan is the leading faction in intelligent robot making. Actroid is a realistic female robot demonstrated at the expo 2005, HRP-4C an android with humanoid head and body resembling a girl runs as the secretary at HITACHI.

As the robotics improve and create more complex robots, days in which they exchange humans in exploration and dangerous rescues doesn’t seem like a dream anymore.

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robotics-training[1]The third is for all the music lovers out there.


This is not a distant dream anymore since small prototypes have already being launched for pre-ordering.

Hey what’s better than a bunch of speakers pointing at all directions with its bulkiness, a speaker that uses magnetic force to float and spread music in all directions, and can still look like a UFO what more can we ask? Sony has already promised to be creating a levitating home theatre system that can really bring out the reality in boring reality shows, pun intended. When used indoors, it will automatically descend into the Levitation Station to charge itself wirelessly.

om-one-bluetooth-speaker-1[1]The fourth is for all people who love to commute by train.


MAGLEV stands for magnetic levitating.

You may say that MAGLEV trains have been running for years in different parts of the world and hold the records for the fastest trains. But you may have not known this but the electromagnetic tracks need heave amount of electricity to run and may not work properly in case of failures. So the scientists found out a new type of process through which new gen of MAGLEVs can be reinstated.

This process involves passing liquid nitrogen through copper train tracks this creates a magnetic force for the already magnetic tracks of the train. Thus, lifting up the train. And what’s even cooler is that this magnetic force keeps the entire body of the train at a particular height at constant even when the train runs upside down on the tracks. And since this process requires absolutely no electricity it will be good for countries that cannot provide huge amounts of it.

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maxresdefaultThis is the fifth and the last one.


This is pretty new and a good topic for further development. By now we all may have heard the use of 3D printers to create objects of art or parts of machinery but a small Australian engineering firm, Invetech teamed up with a well-known medical company, Organovo to create the prototype of what could be the next-gen of medical science, A 3D bioprinter. It is a device that can fabricate organs from cellular level. Larger organs have to be printed on an already created base frame. But the group accepted that on further funding and research they will be able to create arteries and veins for bypass surgeries and in about 8 years they will be able to create complex organs like heart and liver. This is a safe method of organ donation since there is no chance of rejection by the body.

human-ear-scaffold-3d-model[1]This wraps up about all the generic and groundbreaking inventions stored for us in about 10 years from now, so let’s meet again.