5 life hacks every college student must know


A student’s life, as we all know, is never easy. Maintaining a balance between college, coaching, friends, assignments, projects, internships, etc. becomes too tiresome many a times. Students in India are usually experts at finding shortcuts a.k.a. “jugaad“.

These shortcuts make their lives so much easier and better. Most of the college students are broke or short on money. Instead of wasting money on buying new stuff for their rooms, they look for alternatives.

Here are 5 amazing life hacks every college student must know that would make you swift through your tortuous college life :

1. Alarm in a cup trick


College life is the ‘heavy sleeping’ phase  of a person’s life. It is next to impossible  to wake up without snoozing the alarm at  least once. This hack is a savior. After  setting your alarm, put your phone in a  cup a little further away from you and go  off to sleep. The cup would amplify the  alarm and your sleep would surely be ruined. Moreover, keeping it away from your bed would require you to get up and switch the alarm off. It is a well-tried and tested method. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.

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Tip: It is also a very good prank trick.

2. Laptop heating problem? Get an egg carton.

Most of our lives are spent on laptops. Over usage leads to heating. Cooling pads are way too expensive. What is the solution then? The solution, my friends, is to get an egg carton or an egg tray and place your laptop over it to cool it down. This will give you enough air flow. It is obviously not the best method but it works pretty well.

Tip: You can also make a phone holder out of it. Watch this video to know how.

3. Color Coding saves the day.

Morning are usually the busiest. There isn’t a single second to spare. In such a scenario, one has to struggle through the stack of notebooks. Well, voilà! Color coding is your refuge.  Use crayons to highlight the notebooks according to the subject. It would save you the early morning combat with your notebooks. Moreover, it would give your otherwise empty notebooks an appealing look.

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Tip: You can also use colored sticky bookmarks/ colored tape. If you want to avoid the effort then you can simply buy different colored notebooks.

4. Prevent your earphones from tangling

A student’s one of the best companions is his/her earphones. However, they are very nasty when it comes to using them. The trickiest problem a student faces is tangling of earphones. Untangling them takes a lot of time and patience. This life hack may come in handy next time.

All you have to do is coil your headphones and secure them with a clip. The clip may be paper clip, hair clip, or any other clip available.

Tip: You may also coil it and use the loose end to secure the coil. See video :


5. Dirty keyboard? Buy a pack of sticky notes.

Chips, popcorn, snacks and movies are some of the best parts of a student’s life. But this combination is often accompanied by the keyboard eating up the crumbles of your snacks. One simply cannot eat and watch a movie simultaneously without feeding the keyboard. Sometimes, due to over feeding, the keyboard might stop working.

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To clean out all your immense love towards your laptop in the form of crumbles, use post-it notes a.k.a sticky notes. All you have to do is insert the part with glue between the keys. The glue will clean up all the dust between the keys and you are good to go.

Tip: Avoid drinking while using laptop. The sticky notes won’t be able to clean that.