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5 kinds of people that you may meet in your life


A human being meets several people in his entire life.Some of them are temporary while some of them become a part of your life.The people whom we meet for a few seconds or minutes don’t have any impact on our lives,we meet them and mostly forget them instantly.But,the people with whom we work,socialize and live have a great impact on our lives.Some of them are hated by us,some are loved by us,some are respected by us,some are judged by us etc.This happens because of their behaviour and daily activities and they way they treat us.We judge the people whom we tackle in our everyday life and classify them as friends,enemies or nobody.Here are 5 kinds of people who you may meet in your life:-

1.The selfish ones



Every person definitely gets an opportunity to meet at least one selfish person in his entire life.Such people remember you only at the time they need some help.They always use you for their own benefits.They always follow the “Me first” policy.They have a very sweet and innocent behaviour when they need your help and show that you mean everything to them.But,when you need something from them,then they are the most arrogant people you may have ever seen.Though every person needs to be a bit selfish but these people are on another level of selfishness.All a person needs for a happy life is avoid these selfish people.

2.The selfless ones

These people are very hard to find.You meet them if you are lucky enough.These people are the opposites of the selfish ones and as we know that opposites attract,they make a good pair with the selfish ones.This is because the selfless people are always there to help you and the selfish ones are always there to accept the help.The selfless people are the real gems.They help you in every possible manner and in return,they don’t even need your “Thank you”.They are the most generous people one can ever find.Such people are always ready to help you even if you have never helped them.Though they are used by the selfish people a lot but,they are appreciated bu everyone.

3.The flippant ones



A flippant person is a person who is in a funny and careless mood even in serious times.These people avoid responsibilities and tasks that are given to them.Such people are loved by the people for their funny nature.But,no one is interested in working with them as they are never serious about their work.These people are never fake,they say whatever comes to their mind.They are kind-hearted and they want to see everyone happy.They are the perfect example of how a friend should be.The only in them is that they are careless towards their work.

4.The backstabbers 


The backstabbers are one of the most dangerous people who you can ever meet.They pretend as if they are the sweetest people you have ever met but they say the worst thing about you when you are not near them.Such people are very good at politics.They are often responsible for creating misunderstandings among you and your friends.They do such things for their own benefits and are the most heartless people one can ever encounter.These people mostly do such things because of their frustration.They even do these things out of jealousy.All a person needs to do is identify the backstabbers and then stay away from them.This is because such people are not only a threat to you but also a threat to everyone you are associated with.

5.The excessively serious ones

A person must have encountered a person who is excessively serious towards his work or towards achieving his dreams.It is important to have a certain amount of seriousness in order to become successful.But,these people take things far more seriously than an average person.They are very kind and hardworking people.But,if such people are unable to achieve the success for which they have worked hard for,then their perception changes.Mostly,such people start remaining depressed.They think about suicide while some start trying to achieve the success either by hook or by crook.One must make such people realize the value of fun and frolic in life.



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