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5 jobs you can opt if you are a fitness freak


Do you consider yourself to be a fitness freak? Then there are loads of chances for you to turn your passions to reality. Knowing about how to keep one fit is extremely useful and at one stage, you will surely think of what to do with these knowledge and skills? Well, there are lots of chances to be a professional person with all the knowledge and skills you have gathered over the years. All that is needed from you is diligence and hard work, so that you can turn from a fitness freak to a professional person who can guide the others about their health factors. Here are five jobs that are meant just for you, if you intend to make fitness and sports as your career.

5 jobs of a fitness freak:

Fitness instructors: When you know how to keep one fit along with every minute detail of fitness, why not let it turn out to be your career? You can guide others about various sports and programmes when you know vividly about the pros and cons related to them.

Some of these may include yoga, athletics and weight training. All that you need to do is to convey your knowledge to them, instruct them and monitor their progress. From time to time, you need to let them know about their progress and give the perfect feedback so that they can realise their mistakes and concentrate on the process of improvement.

Your job includes the following duties:

  • You need to provide them with cardiovascular training and stretching instructions
  • You will have to work with a lot of people coming from different backgrounds in hotels, gyms and other places.
  • From time to time, you need to carry out fitness assessment tests.
  • Exercise programmes are innovative, and you can come up with your one ones.
  • You will also need to advise them on the proper diet charts.

Athlete: If you have the talent in yourself, why will you keep it dormant all the life? You just need to display your skills. For this reason, you will require a platform to work upon and prove your skills. So, you have some of the best options open before you. You can join the local clubs and start off as an amateur. When you grow your skills early enough, you may get your chance in the big stages. Apart from all these the basic features, you need to do the following duties

  • In order to charm and entertain the spectators, you will have to perform in public and compete with the others.
  • The coaches and instructors arrange for the training classes, and you should attend them and let your skills grow.
  • You need to stick to the diets as prescribed to you and do not eat anything other than them which may affect your health
  • Practice makes a man perfect. You need to complete all the exercises and drills if any.
  • You should obey the rules of the games strictly.

Pilates class teacher: If you are good in teaching body postures, you can go for applying yourself as a Pilates teacher. You need to get some of the learners of the same age group. But before all these, you need to make sure that you know all the postures and exercises. After all, keeping a good health requires certain measures and along with the talent which you pass on to others, you can yourself get the same exercises. In this case, your duties include the following aspects.

  • You need to play music which will set the mood going.
  • As for the equipment and mats, you need to keep them well arranged in the room
  • You need to check the performance of every individual and state your comments. Always keep a close monitoring of them
  • Your soul aim is to improve the fitness level of the people, and you need to handle personally all the matters.
  • First aid is to me mandatorily kept at the hand.

Football coach: Football is one of the most popular sports in the world today. A coach of a football team needs special qualities. Apart from being a master of the game, you should have some leadership qualities that will enable him to give the right type of coaching to the players who possess different levels of skills and come from different background. It is not only a profitable job but reputed too. Along with imparting the skills to the players, you can enhance your own skills as well.

 Apart from all the duties mentioned, you have to perform the following tasks with dexterity:

  • Monitor over the players all the time:  This is not about just one or two players, but a whole team of players that you will have to pay your attention in order to study the players individually.
  • Correct their mistakes: You should provide the best tactics to the players and make sure that they do not repeat the same mistake again and again. Thus, you will have to mentor the entire team.
  • Provide them with other specifications: The other details include the diet chart, food habits and other aspects that you need to know and provide with the same to the others.

Outdoor sports instructor: Do you have an aptitude for adventure? Then you are welcome to be an outdoor sports, instructor. However, this type of a job requires tough criteria to be fulfilled and you need to be adept in rock climbing, swimming against the torrent and other factors which involve the risk of the life of a person. While you instruct the learned, you will have immense scope to explore the landforms yourself.

Apart from these, you must be able to:

  • Lead teams on your own responsibilities
  • Climb ropeways and involve yourself in risky areas
  • To manage a crisis which may come up anytime

All these are subject to extreme expertise, and you should try none of these until you area adept enough.The jobs are perfect if you are a fitness freak. There’s always a chance to do something out of the box.



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