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5 Islands closest to India


Ever dreamt of finding yourself spending a perfect holiday time in a slice of paradise leaving your footprints on the golden speckled sand with a coconut in your hand and enjoying the panoramic view of the sunrise amidst the pounding water all around you??!!Then here you go find your own piece of heaven enjoying yourself against the tides of time.
The Maldives


Well if you think it’s a wallpaper u made a flaw. It’s from top destined island Maldives all set at off the coast surrounded by India and Sri lanka and the rich ambience is flattering. With blue turquoise waters all around you without a second thought we land up in having a dive. The airport has a scenic location and is world’s best taking around 15 minutes boat journey to reach the capital. The sunrise view from the treetop is just amazing and one would wish the time lay still. Beaming with huge variety of flora and fauna with thousands of corals, fishes, the place is vivid. Bodu beru is the traditional music whose roots are from Africa especially to attract dolphins. You can find coral houses and the island is credited to be the lowest country as the distance from the sea level is just 1.5metres. The best way to end your day is by opting for a boat cruise amidst the Bodu Beru musicians while we can keep ourselves busy with the specials like sai and raa,the special drinks and seafood such as tuna,grouper and kavaabu.

The Seychelles

The porcelain white sand and the pounding water waves blend together into a pristine environment. There are huge number of water sports like diving ,snorkeling and parasailing, wind surfing and skiing which would complement your holiday. The place is bejeweled with world’s highest rate of endemic species especially reptiles and birds and the turtles and tortoises are found in Abadra toll. The island hopping is a must and the cultural events are alluring. There are two carnivals Creole and International de Victoria held on October and april, a feast for the eyes to watch. It’s a group of 115 islands and the panoramic view is just picture perfect. The glass bottom boating is a pleasure to experience. It’s a wonderful place to set off to hike or trek, one can find “forbidden fruit” from the coco de Palm tree. Saturday is the perfect day to shop in the country’s capital and can help ourselves with few spices, fresh fruits and meat at the Victoria market.
The Mauritius

Known for its romantic ambience, Mauritius has a lot more to offer. Make sure you don’t miss the scenic ambience of the sugarcane fields and the yummy juice. There is a wide gamut of religions from Hinduism to Chinese and their fine mix always helped the people and we have a festive mood spilling all over almost every month. From Diwali to Chinese New Year every festival is celebrated in full spirits. This made the people more united. The weather and the people are warm. Belle Mare beach and La Cuvette beach shouldn’t be given an amiss. Chamarel although not famous it’s a place worth to visit. With all vibrant colors scattered all over it gives an overwhelming view and the journey throughout is also relishing with many waterfalls, mountains and scenic landscapes all around. The countryside is also preferred by many and they walk instead to imprint the scenery in their little hearts. With a lip smacking street food the spicy seafood and the numerous flavors of tea near the tea fields will leave you awestruck.

The Sri Lanka

Buckle up to fall in love with the nature. The silver waters flow and the panoramic greenery is a mind blogging view to watch. Take out some time to be amused by the sunrise or the sunset along the east or the west coast when the turquoise blue water is all golden and that would be a moment to cherish forever. Surfing is great to choose because the tides here are supportive for the beginner’s as well as professionals in Hikkaduwa and other beaches around. Renowned for being the leading tea producers, and the hill country together dot an appealing scenaries.The place is very sacred as the very basic foundation of Christianity and Hinduism are traced here. It’s the place where Adam kept his first foot and also the residence of king Ravana. Adams footprints are found above the hill and people take pleasure in reaching this sacred spot. Don’t forget to have a train ride in your holiday. The fact is that it travels slowly through the lush green forests, waterfalls and many more which makes the train journey unique. Find a bicycle or a motorcycle and set off to explore the sun bleached islands and you will know why. The Yala National park and Udawalawe National Park are bestowed with numerous wildlife all around. You can get on a Safari ride and find a leopard if you are a nature lover. Various other animals like elephants, peacocks, monkeys, crocodiles and lot many. Sigriya is a place which you often see in many magazine cover pages, wallpapers and what not. You can re live the past surrounded by farmlands, admiring greenery. If fond of history or archaeology then go for it!

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman is a place where adrenaline rushes throughout. Tropical paradise in all terms, it’s the abode of numerous tribes, birds chirping all the time and many corals. There are many popular islands in Andaman like Ross island, Corbyns cove despite being popular one can always find ones privacy. Singlestop for many water sports like surfing, sea-walking and scuba diving. With the rush of the tides we can find thorough excitement. What a place!!Are you an adventure seeker? Then go for a trek to Madhuban a perfect place for trekking and birds watching leaving a rich memory in your mind. At chidiya tapu you can find many birds like eagles, parakeets, doves etc. It would be a lifetime experience to opt sea-walking when we can actually feel the corals and the marine life. Cellular jail and island hopping are next main attractions. Beach volleyball would be perfect!
So leave all your stress behind somewhere far away in the tides of water and meet the real you who is amazingly fun and adventurous spending quality time with your loved ones.



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