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5 Interesting Things You Must Do When You Are Alone!


For those who believe in God, if you have none, you have Him! No matter whether the Providence steps down to give you a company, He has definitely given the morals, intelligence and discretion to live your life in the best way possible. However, only if everyone knew how to do it, there would be zero employment to counsellors and psychologists. This article goes to people especially in their 20s and 30s who are young, dynamic and creative. You might often be alone, on your own and effortlessly without support. You have two options, get bored to death or make the most of you existence. Don’t just survive, LIVE! Here I list some points that can help you build an enormously interesting and enjoyable life, especially when you are alone!


#1. Read Books: Most of the Indians don’t have the habit of reading. In an airport lounge, you will often find an English, American, French, Russian or anyone not belonging to this subcontinent reading intently, and what you do is stare at them or something else, or listen to some music or do simply nothing. This is gravely painful. Those readers have adequate knowledge about science, history of their own country or even the world, what problems the world is facing and also what form of entertainment is the most rocking one. Most of us are oblivious of even the basic history and dimensions of our own nation, lest the others. This ridiculous habit needs to be eliminated. Friends won’t let you read, then go find a corner. Reading a book is like travelling without money and makes you an insightful, intellectual and smart person.

One of friends asked another,”What books do you read?”, she replied, “I don’t really read”, and he retorted, “In that case, I really got nothing to talk to you about”. Trust me, it can happen to you soon. Beware of being stupid, get some wisdom as otherwise you’re no better than the one who doesn’t know how to read. Yes, Mark Twain said that.

Conceptual Books

#2. Watch a movie alone: You don’t have to wait for your friends, buy them popcorns, bear with their tantrums and sarcasms. Free to chose what you wish to watch, grab a good seat and fall into the indulgence of your favourite flick. Display your emotions and don’t worry who’s watching, because that is exactly what you want. Don’t spoil the fun by being conscious. Being a feminist, this suggestion goes for all. The lesser you care, the happier you are.

#3. Go to a fitness regime: Like they say, sweat like a pig and look like a deer. We all want to look hot and attractive, and what hinders our fancies is laziness and lethargy. You just have one life, one youth, one family, and probably will get one spouse. Why not make the best of your body, skin and mind? Eat fruit salads and sweat crazily in a gym. Look yourself in the mirror, you’re glowing and in few more days, people will start noticing that you’re becoming sexier. Gym sounds exhaustive, then how about dance classes or Zumba. Stop escaping, this is important. Life doesn’t give too many chances and your youth is definitely not coming back. Look hot when you can and don’t wait for the right time to arrive. Procrastination is the mother of all evil and so don’t ever do that.

#4. Travel: This package comes expensive. However, travelling alone is great fun. Pack your luggage along with beaming energy and vivacity. Visit museums, shopping malls, book stores, coffee shops, meet new people, interact, take pictures, stick to great music and sleep peacefully. You need a holiday and some money for all this, but at first you need to set priorities.

#5. Learn new skills: You have no clue how to use a chopstick for food, then go get one and learn it. You awe at people who can play chess, the find someone who can teach you that. Your innermost desire is to win some money in a competition, then work hard with your skill. Your wildest fantasy is playing a guitar, then who is topping you from doing so. As I said earlier, the more you delay, the farther it goes. Don’t push it away, push yourself close. Treat yourself with skills, love, happiness and good food. Spend some quality time with yourself. Buy a journal, write it down and then get back to social life with all this remarkable energy.



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