5 Indian Government websites sucks big time


You can called it blessing, you can call it time saver, and you can call it miracle. Yes, I am talking about the internet. It has changed our life completely and we can have easy reach of everything that we need through internet services. Like the private sector, Indian Government is also taking up the internet platform to provide the best service to their customers. Alas! These government websites cannot stand to our expectations and every time we “log in” to the sites we meet with utter disappointment.

your-website-sucksSo, here are the five most important departments that provide with their websites, but in return sucks precious time of the public:
IRCTC: The site is slow than a “tortoise”. During morning, the site is the slowest one and eat up a big time for “log in” period. The moment you saw the available seats of your desired train and try to book the tickets, the loading session takes so much time that very next moment you run out of time and all seats are booked. The visual appeal of the website is not up to the mark and easily one can lost the track of his or her search.
MTNL: Do not ever operate this website. The website will give you a feeling of ancient period. The design of the website is not updated since ages and you will not have any interest in using the information in the website.

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3. Indian Passport: Are you applying for passport through online? Then, this will the bad decision of your life. I applied for passport through the website and suddenly my laptop battery dries up and the process stopped in the middle. Oh my God! I have to start the long applying process all again. It sucks my time and you will feel nowhere. Think before you apply for fresh passport or want to renew the passport with the help of this website.

4. State Bank of India: It is a public undertaking Bank, which is the biggest name in the banking sector. I applied for online banking service, but to my notice I receive only disappointment. The server connection of the bank always remain down and it takes too long time for various banking processes. Moreover, the content of the website needs to be modified so that maximum customers can understand the contents and access the online banking smoothly.

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5. BSNL: It is a clutter free website and give you faster service, but it needs to upgrade the website design to make it more customer interactive. The website contains innumerable sub tabs, which makes the customer confused and they forget “the beginning of the search for the relevant information”. And, it is time consuming for the common people.

Check out these websites and you will get hands-on experience like me. Our Government should really think about the future of these websites and come up with the latest technology to upgrade them and make the customers happy. Even, Indian people want to access the internet and appreciate the Government for their excellent service towards the citizen of Indian.