5 Indian Destinations and their Foreign Counterparts.


We Indians always dream of foreign lands and  consider them as Heavenly destinations. If you want to visit a foreign country at least once in your life and if High prices is a stumbling block for your foreign dream  . Then visit the  best Indian  tourist attractions  to make your foreign dream come true in India itself.

You now no need to worry about  your foreign dream  as we provide you some Indian tourist attractions which look exactly like places in Amsterdam,New York, Switzerland, and Venice.

1.Valley of Flowers(Uttarakhand) Vs Antelope Valley USA :

Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand resembles the Antelope Valley in the USA. This beautiful flower paradise  mesmerizes you with its sheer beauty and natural landscape stretched about 87 square kilometers on the backdrop of Zanskar Ranges. It is filled with  flower meadows, cascading waterfalls and the best time to visit is during March to October.

It is located in much higher altitude than its counterpart.



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2.Srinagar Vs Amsterdam :  

Amsterdam is an international destination located in Nether lands Europe. This place is famous for the paradise of flowers exclusively for Tulips. The Indian counterpart is located in Srinagar. This heavenly and Flowery destination is surrounded by the Himalayas which adds more scenic beauty to the place.


3. Switzerland Vs  Kashmir :

This place is an Indian Reply to its Swiss counterparts. If you had dreamt of Switzerland, but caught in the midst of high expenses, then this you have to visit in our country. It is located in Gulmarg, Kashmir.

This is in between Line of control in India and Pakistan. Gulmarg literally means “Meadows of Flowers”. This place is also the Heartland of Winter Sports and can pack your bags for skiing and winter sports.



4.Kerela Vs Venice :

Alleppey is located in Kerela which is often called as ‘Venice of the East’. It is weel known for its backwaters which gives a much more relaxing and soothing experience than the Italian counterpart.

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5. Brazil Vs Goa : 

 This destination may  have surprised you in the list because Goa is well known for its beautiful beaches. Visiting Brazil may be out of your budget then Goa is a better place to visit and surely offers the same happiness of its foreign twin