5 Indian Cricketers who were banned after engaging in match-fixing


Controversies have emerged in Cricket since last few years with spot-fixing in particular. Apart from list other Cricket Players over the world being involved in betting controversies, few Indian cricketers were also involved the hit-list. Here’s the list of 5 Indian Cricketers who played for Indian Cricket Team and were banned after being involved in match-fixing:


1. Mohammad Azharuddin:

A former Indian cricketer and currently a politician, Azharuddin captained Indian Cricket Team during 90’s and was one of the most successful captains for winning 90 ODI’s. The record was later overtook by Dhoni’s captaincy after Dhoni on 02-September-2014 after winning 91 ODI’s. Azharuddin‘s 14 test match winning record was also surpassed by Sourav Ganguly with 21 test match wins. Azharuddin was named in Hansie Cronje’s confession on match-fixing. Hansie Cronje, a former South African skipper confessed that Azharuddin was one of the players who assisted him to fix up with bookies. Azharuddin was banned for life from playing in cricket matches. The ban was later lifted in 2006 by BCCI.

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2. Manoj Prabhakar:

Manoj Prabhakar was one of the prominent cricketer who played for Indian Cricket Team. Though Prabhakar’s career was of short duration, Prabhakar took 157 Wickets in ODI and 96 Wickets in Test Cricket. Prabhakar played his last ODI against Sri Lanka during 1996 Cricket World Cup after which he retired. In 1999, Prabhakar exposed few cricketers involved in match-fixing. However, he was also charged in engaging the match-fixing and was subsequently banned by BCCI.


3. Ajay Jadeja:

Jadeja played 15 tests, 196 ODI’s in total. He was known famous for his fielding and for his batting. However his accomplishments was gauged by his ban due to involvement in match-fixing. The Delhi High Court later lifted ban in 2003, thus allowing Jadeja to play both domestic and international cricket. Jadeja also tried his luck in acting career meanwhile, but was unsuccessful.


4. Nayan Mongia:

Nayan Mongia played during mid 90-‘s, known for his records for most catches in test match and most number of dismissal by an India Wicket-Keeper. However the records came to standstill after he was dropped from the team due to the involvement in match-fixing controversy.

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5. Sreesanth:

Sreesanth made his International Cricket Career debut in 2005 during ODI match against Sri Lanka. Known for his bowling, Sreesanth took 87 wickets in test matches and 75 wickets in ODI during his International Cricket Career. Sreesanth was arrested in May 2013 at Mumbai along with other two teammates who played for Rajasthan Royals during Indian Premiere League Season for being involved in spot-fixing. According to Police, Sreesanth confessed that he was involved in spot-fixing. Therefore, was banned for life by BCCI form playing cricket.