Some businesses are so lucrative that no amount of laws or regulations can stop the people from entering it. Such is the case with so many businesses around. People earn millions of dollars through the illegal trade but the amount of harm they do to the general public and the government becomes a matter of grave concern. Let us go through some of the lucrative businesses that are gaining momentum these days.


With the advancement in medical science there are many things that have gone beyond our control. Organ transplant has saved many lives but on the other hand it has created trouble for many too. Kidney, the most transplanted organ has now become one of the most lucrative trade. People are forced to give one kidney as you can survive on the other one and the same is sold at sky high prices. So many have been trapped into this vicious circle where some are forced to sell their organs and others are made to buy. Asian countries show the maximum number in this illegal trade.


Skins of animals like snakes and crocodiles are usually in high demand across some countries specially Europe. With the demand of designer bags and leather goods, the animals are poached and their skin is smuggled through the countries at exorbitant prices. The high profile designer stores then sell these goods made from animal skins at an equally high price. Although there are laws everywhere to prevent this hunting and poaching but still people involved do not seem to care.


Food adulteration has been a matter of grave concern for the government as many people are involved in it. In India, especially during the festive season as the demand for food items increases, so does the pace for adulteration. Starting from milk to fruits, everything is adulterated which most of the times is done through chemicals. The major issue that government faces is the breakout of diseases that comes with it.


Buying and selling of wood logs usually timber is another business that happens illegally despite so many laws against it. Timber as its use is widespread is usually hauled from the conserved forests. In an effort to save the forests and the wildlife as well, many strips of forests are banned for human activity. But still it seems a great task to keep the poachers away. In many African and Latin American countries more that 75 percent of logging activities are illegal. Despite of harsh laws, the penetration of this business is so wide that it becomes difficult to tap the smugglers.


Counterfeiting goods and money is the imitation version that is sold without the right approval. Goods and currency both are traded at a fast pace almost everyone. The inability of general public to differentiate the originals is used as an advantage by many. Thus, this business is thriving like anything. Every year millions of fake currency notes are held at borders and airports. Same is the scenario with the counterfeit products in the local market. Although people do not mind buying the products but every time it is a loss to the original brands and the government as well.



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