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5 Humanitarian services Indians do on roads


You have come across these hand signals atleast once in your life. People just feel proud of doing these on roads. If you are not following it, please follow religiously :). These are now complimentary signs to the traffic rules we have in India.

1. Bhaiya side stand hata lo


That is something which every rider/driver loves to do on roads. Jeez, these idiots, they do not know that they need to remove the side stand before they start riding their bike. Look out for the diagonal hand sign they make to let them know.

2. Let me enable my traffic policeman mode

Let me be your hero! I will ask my brother to get on the driving seat and clear out the entire traffic in the streets of chandni chowk. All I am missing is a whistle podu. I am trained for doing this social service. Hell yeah!

After a couple of minutes people realize that this guy was just trying to get his way cleared out.

3. Head light band kar lo

A simple hand signal which everyone on the road understands and switches off his headlights. Oh god! who created this? Do check out that tt means a lot of other stuff in different languages.

4. Indicator chal raha hai

They will be helping you out on-the-go. Automobile companies also put these beep beep sound to keep you informed.

Watch our for the weird look at times that you get from other drivers once you turn towards the wrong direction.

5. Red light ahead, please stop

Just because the Ford Endeavor behind you  is on a FAULADI mode, you have to show this weird hand to everyone following you. This also looks like a “present ma’am” from childhood.


So there you go. Use these signs if you are not using. Never drink and drive! Drive safe :)



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