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5 Holiday destinations for self-pampering!


You need a break. Yes, You.

Away from this maze of complete circles we call a life.
You begin to relax. Take a break. (Not a Kit-Kat break. That works great too but a real break here)

You’ll find a lot of articles on places, food, water-sports, amusement parks which will help you have fun…
But this article is all about reviving the lost person in you and having maximum time for yourself.

Here are 5 Holiday destinations for serious stress busting and self-pampering!

PS: If you’re an introvert who wants to hibernate for a while… Run away to one of these places without a doubt!

#1 Andaman’s

Havelock islands, Andaman
Havelock islands, Andaman

Havelock islands, Andaman, India is by far the best place for a getaway and alone time

They offer various activities where you can spend time:

Snorkelling, swimming, practicing yoga, going for walks, sleeping and maybe…waking up early.

Meditation, Spa-healing time and much more thing only for your body…which is better than any other cheat day or break.

Maybe go off season.
Less prices and a true escape from the real world.

In the heart of Havelock Island is a resort… Jalakara which is very close to beaches and spas which offer exactly the right amount of pampering.


#2 Goa


Some people think Goa is only for beaches, drinks and then to hit the clubs at night.
Many fail to see that this coin has another side.
Another totally opposite and contrasted type of lifestyle.

Serene and calm.
Goa offers so much more than just fun.

It offers a getaway from the busy, routine-rat race into a place where you can detox and destress.

Beaches, Sun and the typical Goan cuisine makes life blissful.

There are churches and ashrams you can visit… (Whatever your religion might be…) for a little humbling experience.


#3 Kerala

Kerala is place you can visit again and again and aging and it still wouldn’t get old and boring.

It offers something beautiful each time…

Houseboats, beaches…The Amazing “Nadaan” Food.

However Kerala is also a detox centre. Wait, let me rephrase- A Hard-core detox centre.
A centre where people go for severe massage therapy and sauna treatments.

From rejuvenating muscles for hip replacement patients… to people with severe muscle atrophy, Kerala has treatment centres.

For the normal people, it’s a rigorous process… but it does leave you feeling the best and lightest ever in life. The worth is worth the woe.


#4 Karnataka


Want a mind, body and soul restoration?

Head to Karnataka.

Karnataka offers you help to personally invest into self-care.

Here’s an extract from the famous magazine Reader’ Digest:

Dr.Issac Mathai’s globally known holistic healing retreat near Bengaluru applies tried-and-tested principles of traditional Indian healing to ease you!

There’s Ayurveda, panchakarma, homeopathy and naturopathy treatments available and also daily yoga classes to rejuvenate your being”


#5 Uttarakhand

Image credits: Himalayan Buzz

One of the most escalating events of all…. is the International Yoga Festival held in Uttarakhand every March.

In the midst of EDMs and countless another music concerts,
here comes Uttarakhand with its tiny yet peculiarly different festival.
It started as a small festival in 1989.

Today, it’s a huge deal for a lot of yoga-enthusiasts

It is conducted by Rishikesh’s largest ashram—Parmarth Niketan. The government also supports this festival.
For 7 days, people from every corner of the world take part in this celebration. Not just the participants but even Yoga teachers and gurus attend this festival to impart wisdom onto the people gathered.

In 2017,

Over 70 teachers from 20 countries gave nearly 150 classes to those who attended this international yoga fest.

It’s not just for the pros but also for beginners.
So that were 5 Destination we think are the centres for self-pampering and a peace retreats
Let us know your favourites!
Do you have anything to add to the list?
Leave that and some love in the comments below!







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