5 hacks to get more likes for your facebook profile picture


“Likes” for your facebook profile picture has become more an obsession than a fun these days. Upload a picture on facebook- log in every five minutes – keep checking the like count. This Obsessive compulsive disorder is more in girls than boys. These days the likes on facebook profile picture has became a scale to measure your cuteness and awesomeness. It is also a measure to find out your social network stature and your place of preference in your pal’s list. This is a well known fact that each photo of yours might not get the likes you wanted. Sadly there were some people who’s facebook picture won’t even cross 50 likes though they have many friends in the list. Well, here are five hacks which could help you to get maximum likes for your profile picture. So have a look.

1) Upload time matters a lot 

Got an awesome picture of yours in today’s selfie shoot ? You loving that picture ? Want to share it with your friends ? ahaaa.. hold your horses. Do you know that the time at which you upload the picture matters a lot ? well it does. The best time to change profile picture is always Friday evening. The chances of getting more likes for a picture uploaded on Friday evening are 78% more than an other time. People will be in weekend masti and obviously won’t leave facebook liking your picture.


2) We know it is gratitude but – “No hurry in reply to comments”

“Baby you look Ravishing”, wow that was an awesome comment, I bet you couldn’t stop yourself replying to that soon. Well, dear baby please be  patience and reply to that comment only after an hour or two. Need not to do for all the comments but an immediate reply to the comment is not at all suggested. The facebook feed algorithm works with a parameter called “Active chain” so whenever you comment it will move to the highest position in the stack.


3) Tag yourself

This is a pretty awesome cool trick. Once you notice that the likes aren’t pouring anymore then you can try this trick. Simply tag yourself in your profile picture and the feed will be activated. So this would fetch likes from those people in your friend list who had missed to like it.


4) Change the profile picture to same picture again 

You think this is cheap ? Dude.. nothing is cheap and alluring, just tell them it happened accidentally. We agree this trick might not work on every picture as people might start suspecting you, but feel free to use this technique for those pictures which are far behind in the race to get the likes.


5) Dare it – Always ‘Public’

Always keep your profile picture public, technically your profile picture is always public but you need to change in the settings that any random person could like your picture. It is believed every profile has at least 2-3 stalkers. So guys and girls who knows there might be many stalkers and your admirers who weren’t in your friend list but might be liking to like your picture.


Well, these are the simple tricks where you can get maximum likes on your profile picture. Experiment with the filters and try some new poses, remember there is a never out dated style in promoting yourself. All the best !!