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5 Funny Problems of Law Students.


The second an erstwhile normal human being enters a law school, the world gets divided into two different sets for that particular student. The difference is of such a great magnitude that one can never possibly think of getting back to the other side. Our minds are so significantly altered that several problems emerge from our interactions with our ‘Non-Law’ friends. The differences are such that one might feel that we’re wizards among  the  crowd of Muggles. And this is an attempt to make these Muggles understand our plight.

Check out the Funny problems faced by Our Advocate Friends :

  1. ‘Moot Courts’ aren’t funny

Moot Courts are competitive events wherein law students argue over a made up case by following perfect courtroom decorum and procedure. Moot Court Competitions are the most time consuming, gruesome things one can do during law school. This tops the list among our funny problems

However, when you tell a nonlaw friend that you’re doing a ‘moot’, the usual reaction is “Toilet mein kar na”. So…what we’re getting at is, toilet humor is appreciated, but moot courts are in fact serious business…and moot court competitions do not comprise of two sides trying to ‘out-pee’ the other.  I hope we are clear on this one.

  1. Your nonlaw friends already have real jobs

While you’re interning after every semester, hopefully with a stipend, but usually without one, your non-law friends are already out there making some real money. They are as useless as you are but they are in fact making money. The frustration of being in a 5-year degree course can very much consume you up to this point.

We’ve to constantly tell ourselves that we’ll make more money than them when we do graduate. But deep down, in our hearts, we know that such white lies can help us endure only up to a certain point. And at the end of our law school when pangea3 is the only one to give us an offer, we find that we might never have real jobs after all.

  1. People don’t get our latin

“I’ll do the laundry; you do the dishes, Quid Pro quo”. “I’m sorry, what?” Alas, not everyone has been educated in the legal maxims that have become more than just a part of our vocabulary. They have become who we are.

We’re Wizards amongst muggles. With our own set of mysterious words that seem to be nothing short of gibberish to the outside community. Our locus standi jokes find not even a faint smile in this crude and cruel world. Latin the dead in the west, but in law schools, it is pretty much alive. And this usage makes us prima facie, look like a different species altogether.

  1. Explaining the intricacies of the legal system

“Law is reason free from passion”. But how do you explain to a person not acquainted with the knowledge that Salman Khan’s bail was perfectly legit and had no legal flaws, or that even though Kasab was obviously guilty, even he deserved a free and fair trial.

Our nonlaw friends are too much influenced by the continuous “media trial” approach to justice that it is frustrating for us to tell them that they are always wrong. The most irritating aspect of this are the premature conclusions which the whole of society makes about cases which are sub judice. People, the truth is not known until it is settled by a court of law. Please understand!

  1. Whatever you may say or do, the topic comes back to law

This is one of the reasons as to why we lose out on non-law lovers, friends or acquaintances. Our life is clogged with the law and whatever we are studying at the moment. We cannot help jabbering about the basic structure doctrine because it is just that interesting.

We want to make people understand as to how without lawyers the country would not have existed as it does today. And thus, the topic is always doomed to come back to law because that is our real passion. Even though law may be reason free from passion, we find a way to be passionate about the reason itself. And while we’re acting like little know-it-all’s we’re slowly alienating everyone around us. But so what if we lose a few friends on the way, the real ones shall always stick with us.

If you are a law student and have faced these funny problems, Comment below.



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