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5 Funniest Scoldings From Parents Everyone Can Relate To


Hey, All of us have been scolded from our parents, especially moms! Whenever we make a bit small mistake, a taunt is ready for us, like a freshly baked cake! Here are some examples, or maybe, your own parents’ scoldings, you might relate too! So go on enjoying the most ridiculous and funny puns/taunts by the parents ‘in-general’!

1) Can’t miss this at all, just break something in your kitchen and your death is so close! A sarcastic call-out is always like this:


2) Aah, don’t at all deny to this, almost all of us face this traditional statement about extensive usage of gadgets!


3) What’s the problem? Can’t I even be to my friends’ home and enjoy myself? Another ‘so-relatable’ taunt!



4) Mom, you never say this to dad, it’s always only me who has put back the plate after eating.


5) This is what irritates me a lot! I don’t ask for money always, I feel really bad when such a comment is made by a parent. I am your son after all, dad!


Well that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed the article. Well, don’t forget to get back to our site for all the interesting stuff that might tickle you to smile! Stay tuned with us to get the best of everything.



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