5 Fans That Go Beyond Utility to Offer Aesthetic Value


Fans are found in every household, as India is a tropical country. They are a requirement that makes the oppressive heat of summer a tolerable trifle. Today, fans can be found in all types, sizes, and designs. In circulating the air within an area, these cooling systems play a key role, making space for fresh air in place of hot air. Fans continue to play a significant role in summer, despite the installation of air-conditioners.

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However, that’s not it! 

Today, fans in homes are not just a cooling appliance. They’re aesthetic additions to a space. While the simplistic designs are appealing, designer fans also add a look of sophistication and style to the home. Fans come in exclusive colours, designs, and some even have added features. They add a touch of style to the design quotient of the interiors. But without any utility, they’re just artifacts. In the summers, they provide excellent performance, and some even come with pretty light attachments that enhance the lighting in your home.

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Look at these five fans that go beyond utility to offer aesthetic value: 

  1. LiteAir Kraft Wood Ceiling Fan

The perfect balance to a minimalist lounge area is a stylish and modern ceiling fan like the one described above, which will add ambient light and air ventilation to your room. For an exciting contrast with white walls, ceiling, and furniture, look for a fan with a brown wooden blade finish to match your home décor.

  1. Mojo Plus White Wall Fan

Modern fans are the perfect accessory for your décor and can be selected according to your interior requirements. You don’t necessarily have to mount ceiling fans. In some parts of the building, several individuals also install decorative wall fans that look nice and are great at circulating air around the room, like, this fan by Luminous. There are other wall mount fans of different sizes available in their range. The price of these fans, along with that, will suit your budget. For stability, the fans have a reliable and heavy pedestal framework. And, the transparent blades are designed for more air and low noise.

  1. Buddy Cherry Red Personal Fan
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Luminous’s Buddy personal fan is compact and comes with a grill that can be removed easily to clean the insides. There is still a choice for you to mount it on the wall, which saves a lot of space. For your decor, this personal fan provides a retro look that is vibrant to look at, ensuring it suits every home interior, whether it is modern, traditional, or antique.

  1. London Mayfair Bourneville Ceiling Fan

A great blend of style, efficiency, and durability is this designer ceiling fan. This luxury ceiling fan is the perfect choice if you want relief from the oppressive heat during summer without compromising on style. The distinctive British style architecture is the best choice for colonial-looking homes in particular.

It delivers high-speed air and better air-thrust to every part of your room and ensures better cooling than obsolete fans. This fan’s elegant blade trims are inspired by the Tulip flower, and the potent motor adds a great air thrust to lower down the room temperature. 

  1. Jaipur Gangaur Angaria White Ceiling Fan
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Crafted with modern elements to perfection, this designer ceiling fan is unbelievably stylish for all homes. Its imaginative appeal has its impression taken from the aviation golden age. The blades have a black pattern that stands out and are made of aluminum. With its premium finish and stylish blades, this fan can complement any modern décor and blend seamlessly into the space.

When it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing look, fans seem to be the most overlooked element. In India, the structural architecture and style of fans have remained more or less the same for decades. Reliable brands like Luminous, however, have a comprehensive range of fans that deliver aesthetic value along with function. You can search their online selection on their website and discover different kinds of fans.