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5 Facts About The Coolest City On Earth. Amsterdam!


When the whole world is rushing for luxury such as smoke-guzzling big cars and environmental pollution is on the brink, there is one happy city where bicycles are considered as the ultimate form of travel. A city that has more number of bikes than people. A city where tourists outstandingly outnumber the residents. A city where thousands of canal boats have been converted into permanent houses. A city where people from 178 nationalities thrive together. A city which is quintessential of beauty, art and awesomeness. This city is in Netherlands, Europe. Let’s take a small tour of this phenomenal place.


5 Facts About One Of The Coolest City On Earth. Amsterdam!

#1. Amsterdam card: There is something called Amsterdam card owned by maximum number of residents as well as tourists. It’s a uniquely great concept that provides such easy perks that it becomes irresistible to not own one. Valid for 1,2 and 3 days, the card allows free and unlimited access to their public transport; entrance to major museums and attractions; a full-fledged map with details; free exploration of the canal; alluring discounts to restaurants, eateries and concerts; giveaways, surprises and special offers. The coolest and pocket friendly way of rolling over Amsterdam, this card can be ordered at someone’s house or airport.

#2. Cruising canals: Amsterdam has an unfathomable number of canals, 165. They are so exquisite and charming that you would want to spend all your life sailing over that small boat. You need to hire a boat and sail around the mesmerising legacy and history of the city. This picturesque canal tour and excursion can absolutely be one of your favourite travel experiences. This maritime beauty also has amazing museums around. The intertwining and intersecting waterways form canal rings that dates back to 400 years in history. This is counted as a UNSESCO World Heritage site. Some of the most happening parties are thrown over the canals.

#3. Enchanting Museums: Some of the grandest museums holding a rich heritage and culture with pride are-
Rijksmuseum- a treasurer of city’s restorations and renovations, old and new look

Stedelijk Museum- extraordinary modern and contemporary art design

Van Gogh Museum- 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 700 letters of Vincent Van Gogh, what else can be said!

Anne Frank House- Yes, the girl whose personal diary shook the world over the horror of Holocaust

Hermitage Amsterdam- Dutch branch of the world-famous Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Amsterdam Museum- Showing the city that has survived through centuries

NEMO Science Center- voyage into the sci-tech arena

The National Maritime Museum- famous for being the former national naval warehouse, once used by the Dutch navy to
store sails, ropes, weapons and ammunition

Eye Filmmuseum- Classic cinematic history adorable to international movie fans

Foam- Where else will you get to watch eye-caressing collection of photography of all genres from photographers of worldwide fame

Rembrandt House Museum- House of Dutch Golden Age artist Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

Tropenmuseum- Counted as Europe’s leading ethnographic museum, with vivid collection of Dutch adventures in glimpses of history.

#4. Food stop: No travel experience can be completed without food. To satiate one’s palate, empower one’s culinary transcendence and enliven one’s sassy tastebuds, there is a huge list of sinful cuisine in a variety of dine-outs and luxury restaurants. The vivacious city has many lively cafes and grand lounges for the brew lovers as well as classy cocktail bars for the alcoholic souls.

#5. Party hard: The party never stops in this city. The nightlife is so happening and the bars are so thrilling that nothing can beat that fun. Jazz, pop, rock, trump, trance, hip-hop, put on your dancing shoes and raise that beer mug. Music festivals and smashing Dj nights are the city’s exotic attractions that can’t be missed.



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