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5 effects alcohol has on lifting weights


For many people, party or get together mean alcohol. Alcohol though is the recent way of enjoying parties, but it has a number of bad impacts also on your health. It can be said to be a poison if you are indulged in exercises or sports such as weight lifting. Muscles are the most important part that is required for weight lifting, and this can get affected very much with high consumption of alcohol. It works like a drug and affects your muscles slowly and hence you lose all the physical abilities that you need to be a weightlifter.

If researched deeply, it can be noticed that there are a number of reasons why alcohol can be bad for the weightlifters. But there are some major reasons 5 effects of alcohol that are there in lifting weights.

Protein synthesis

An excess amount of alcohol consumption can very negatively affect the synthesis of protein in your body. Various amino acids come together and join to create proteins in your body, and this process of creating protein is known as protein synthesis. This protein is for making your muscles and providing you energy so that you can do tasks like weight lifting easily. But with high consumption of alcohol, this process of protein synthesis drops down by 20% – 30% and hence the developing of your muscles is also slowed down. Hence, if someone is a professional weight lifter, then consumption of high alcohol dosage can lead you to failure and a loss in career.

Disturbs hormone levels in body

Hormones play a very important role in the growth and development of the body. They are also an important part of various processes and systems that go on in the human body. The muscles that you gain in your body are through the hormone testosterone. It is due to the high flow of this hormone testosterone that helps your body in gaining muscles. But this flow of the hormone testosterone is impacted very badly through the high consumption of alcohol. Regular consumption of alcohol increases the flow of estrogen that is responsible for reducing the free flow of the hormone testosterone. So, of course if affects the muscle building of your body.


The whole human body consists of 70% water and hence, the muscles also need 70% water to stay healthy and fit. Water is thus an efficient part of the muscle building process, and a slight lack of water can affect the muscles very badly. On the other hand, kidneys lose a high amount of water to break down the alcohol that you consume. Thus the more alcohol you consume, the more water is used in breaking them. This causes a high amount of dehydration in your body. Due to such dehydration, your muscle building process is also affected and hence you will fail no doubt as a weight lifter.

Disturbance in nutrients

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for your body not only to build your muscles but also to keep you fit and healthy. Some of the vitamins and minerals work as catalysts and help many of the processes in the body to work smooth while other also help in the muscle building process. Alcohol happens to drain out many types of vitamins and minerals from human bodies such as Vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and many others. Quiet obvious due to high consumption of high alcohol amount of such minerals and vitamins are lost from the body thus affecting the working of the body and also the growth and development of the muscles. If both your body and muscles are not in a good state of condition, so obviously you will be not able to perform well in weightlifting sessions.

Fat storage

Alcohol not only affects your body in a number of ways but also it increases the fat storage in your body. It has 7 empty calories in one gram that disturbs the Kreb’s cycle in the body. The Kreb’s cycle is an important cycle that helps in the fat burning process of the human body. Thus, if you are consuming alcohol on a regular basis, then despite of all your workouts, it is sure that you will have fat storage in your body that will lead to an unhealthy and unfit body that is not appropriate for any weight lifting sessions. Muscles cannot develop at places where there is fat storage. Hence, high consumption of alcohol leading to growth in fat storage also reduces the growth and development of the muscles in the body.

It is not that alcohol is prohibited for people who are into the exercises of weight lifting and body building. Having fun is an important part of life, and when you go to parties with your friends, alcohol consumption is also one of its parts. But of you are sure about your career in weightlifting then you should take care of yourself and your diet. If you are consuming alcohol, you should be sure that you are consuming in its high dosage, or you are not a regular drunkard. There are many people who may think that they will not drink regularly but once in a party they would drink till the throat. This can also affect your body to a great extent. This is because alcohol takes the time to get broken down in your body and until the time it is there it is able to destroy a lot of thing in your body.

It is best to avoid normally all types of alcoholic drinks, but there are some specific drinks also that affect the body to a higher extent. Beer is said to be a drink that increases fat very fast in the body. So, weight lifters are often advised to stay away from the beer. Though it is advisable to be away from all types of alcohol, but if taken in a smaller amount on rare occasions, then it has minor effects on your body that can be managed.


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