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5 easy tricks at home that is a must for would be brides


Try out these 5 easy tricks at home so that by the time you get married you are in your best elements….

  • Sleep: there is no alternative to sleep. Have a minimum of 8 hours sleep on a daily basis. Last minute shopping, guests at your house, tension as to whether everything will turn out well can lead to sleep deprivation. Hence, you need to make sure that you are getting your daily quota of sleep. If you do not get adequate sleep, you will have under eye circles, with dry patch skin and all the glow from your face will vanish. As such you will look dull and drab on your wedding day. In case you are unable to sleep for long durations at a stretch, get sleep in between. What we mean is that, take power nap during your lunch time and when you are at home or sleep during the afternoons after lunch, when you are at home. However, wait for 1 hour after you have had your lunch and then go to sleep. If you try to sleep immediately after having lunch, you will feel bloated and will develop a small paunch before your wedding. Now this is something that we don’t want to happen. Do we?


  • Skin care: we all want to look beautiful and charming on our wedding day. In addition to the right make up, your inner glow will enhance your beauty manifold. So take some necessary skin care measures so that sudden acnes and pimples don’t break out before your big day.

 Always wash you face with a mild cleanser so that the natural moisture of your skin is retained. Follow it up with scrubbing, toning and moisturizing so that your skin remains clean and fresh at all the times.

Apply curd on your face. Mix little saffron with the curd and then apply this paste on your face. Leave it for few minutes and then wash off. You will notice an instant glow to your skin. Curd helps to get rid of the tanned appearance and the saffron adds a glow to your skin. Moreover it will also help to prevent the outbreak of pimples on your face.

You can try out another thing. Soak two almonds, 4-5 raisins and a date overnight. Eat all this and drink the water in which you had soaked these items on an empty stomach the next day. You will be amazed at the outcome.

  • Water: there is no alternative to drinking water. Drink at least 10 -12 glasses of water on a daily basis. In case you are unable to drink so many glasses of water, eat fruits and vegetables that have high water content like watermelon, cucumber, bell shaped pear and so on. Water helps to flush out the toxins thereby keeping your skin clean and well hydrated.
  • Rest: Take rest. It can be in the form of lazing around, watching a good movie, reading your favorite book – in short it should be something that will help you relax and enjoy the time spent.
  • Unwind: and finally unwind by listening to good music. We all know how music helps to soothe the tense nerves thereby enhancing your good mood and a feeling of satisfaction.





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