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5 Most Dangerous Sports


Sports are the best form of both exercise and entertainment at the same time. People who are associated with various sports not only find them helpful for their health but also the best way to rejuvenate one’s mind. There are innumerable sports available in different parts of the world. Some like to enjoy indoor games but some people want to find the adventures through certain amazing outdoor sports. Some of these sports are really relaxing but on the other hand some are really challenging and dangerous. Though we know that a little level of danger is always associated with outdoor and physical sports but at times some of the challenging sports can really lead the player towards danger and can even risk the player’s life. Let’s focus on such dangerous sports and know the facts behind them.

  1. Base jumping:


Parachuting in a different form is found in base jumping. This sport is related with jumping from various higher altitudes. It can be from any high rise building, or cliff or any other places with good amount of height. From some of these fixed structures the players jump through the air and come down at a very high pace, opening the parachute at a particular level. Though it sounds much exciting but while jumping from such heights, one risks himself, as there is a chance of the player to be thrashed by the air.

  1. Scuba diving:

Scuba diving is available at various tourist spots throughout the world. This sport is always interesting and is the most favorite one for the tourists. But there are various risks involved with this game. First of all the scuba diver may be attacked by the sharks and other sea creatures and then if the diver dives too fast, it can cause decompression illness. This illness includes bends and at times may injure brain, lungs and spinal cord.

  1. Heli-Skiing:

This is the sport related to skiing and involves helicopter. This down the hill snowboarding is done and the sports persons reach the top of the abundant snow caped mountains to ski down. These people are so passionate about this game that they even ignore the climatic changes that can be hazardous for them.

  1. Cave Diving:

Cave diving is indeed another form of dangerous sport which involves diving underwater in those caves which have water content that too partially. The equipment which are required in general scuba diving are also needed for cave diving. Besides these, some more specialized equipment are required in cave diving for confronting various adverse situations. The most dangerous thing that can happen in this sport is low visibility and failure of lights that are being carried by the divers. In such conditions the divers may lose the other diving partners.

  1. Bull Riding:

Bull riding is also perilous as the rider needs to get on a large bull and tries to keep over the bull while the bull on the other hand tries to knock down the rider. In this sport the rider may experience various injuries and sometimes even death.

There are several other sports also that are dangerous. But the adventure spirit of the people from ages had never stopped them from playing these games. Rather, these have become a passion for many.



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