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5 countries which love India and 5 countries which hate India – This is crazy !!


India is one of the oldest countries in the world which is known for its cultural and heritage. India is a secular country and always welcoming. It treats each and every foreigner as its child from olden days right from Persian exploration to the British regime. Indians are known for their kindness and respect. Some country people frame Indian’s goodness as Innocence. Once upon a time every foreigner wants to explore India because of its vast natural resources and spices abundance. The picture has now changed now and more Indians are migrating to other countries in search of job and life. Well, due to the political scenarios or other reasons there are some countries which hate India a lot and on the other side there are also those countries which love India a lot. Here is an quick insight of those countries which hate and love India most.

5 Countries which hate India

5) Australia 

The hatred by Australia has started recently. The main reason for Australians showing hatred on  Indians is job competition. Indians are grabbing away the jobs of Australians in their land and this has been a prime reason for them to hate Indians. Nevertheless to say about Cricket !

4) China

The border big brother. There have been a constant change in the China’s attitude towards India in last 20 years. At a point both China and India are at same position who are striving to develop. China has advanced in the race with its industrial development and gained muscle. The variation in many prospectus is making that country to hate our country.

3) Sri Lanka 

Sri Lankan’s hate Tamilians a lot. Though it is an issue only with Tamil Nadu it is also an issue with all over India as they feel that India is always suppressing them to get developed. This small nation has killed many tamilians on their lands.

2) Bangladesh 

The Bengali brother state is also in that bizarre that India is depriving them in the development. Though India has helped Bangladesh in reunification it hates our country a lot.

1) Pakistan 

No surprise to have this brother in the list. India and Pakistan doesn’t need any reason to start a fight instantly. The never ending saga.

5 countries which love India a lot 

5) USA 

They need bright people who work for cheap, so they love India.  The cheapest bright people market in the world is India. USA is exploiting the Indian job market. Though it is creating money for the economy the creative barriers are stopping Indians to come up with some new ideas which help in country’s prosperity

4) England

This old enemy has changed the face of India. England has a very special relation with our country. The people in many crucial positions in England were from India and many Doctors in England are Indians. Every native person of England knows about Gandhi and freedom moment and respect our country

3) Singapore

This small though economic giant is one of the true friend of India. Singapore has and is helping many states in India both economically and infrastructure wise. The future strategies are unknown.

2) Japan

This electronic master has a very special trade relation with India. Many Japanese companies are helping Indian economy to excel. This country is well known for its helping hands to India many times.

1) Russia 

The enemy of my enemy is my friend strategy. It was those times that Russia has helped India in many terms during the Kargil war as America has been helping Pakistan. Though the terms with USA by India is good these days and both countries are working together still every Indian think that Russia is our only best friend.

So Modi ji, we request to emphaisis on our friendly countries than the other countries more. We actually don’t need to entertain our enemies. What say guys !!



  1. Good post but Russia is not like “The enemy of my enemy is my friend strategy” they helped us in many way beyond this limit.They did many help beyond profit….

  2. I just hate india people not really grow about anything,they so many people doing is nothing defferent about the appearance,private vehicle,environment slovenly and many more!!!!!!!!!!!

    • learn to type properly dummy! it’s spelled different not defferent you illiterate $#%! they so many people? what the $%#* !your illiteracy truly shows.slovenly?HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAA”’

      • Thats why people are hating indians so growingly….what u people have highlighted through these comments are racism and disrespect of religion…..Indians wont be able to rectify their country if they dont give up such acts….Well, according my personal experience….I had spent quite sometime with indians but I started hating them so bad when they implemented their racist nature and I found this trait common in all of them…..and to say the truth….u indians (most of them) are blinded by lies…u guys dont really know the nature of real muslims…the ones that are faked by media and presented to u are not muslim’s doing. Some anti-muslims had set up the so called ISIS and causing ruckus….if u still dont believe me go search the internet and best would be if u try to real the Qur’an to find evidence that does it promote hatred and terrorism or not….Dont judge others with the grain of knowledge u have

        • This is a fake account…
          Just go to his account details and you will know that it is created on the same day when he commented…
          Also there are no other posts apart from this one…

  3. you should add nepal to the list as well.Recent blockade by Indian government has given rise to anti-indian sentiment among nepalese people. Almost all SAARC nations hate india who tries to suppress neighboring countries, creates conflicts so that their neighbors never progress. They used the same tactic (blockade) with bhutanese during their election.

  4. I love Russia they have been with us in our bad times, they are the loyal and oldest friends. Helped us beyond profit, God bless Russia but I will change the present tense to past tense here. They were the oldest friends of India because it seems they are trying to maintain a distance with India and diverting toward Pakistan. And I guess the reason is modi ji foreign policies, India is getting close to US and NATO. Buying French aircrafts and rejecting Russian arms. Russia is well tested good friend don’t loose it. US can change the side in months.

    • IndiA only signed the LEMOA agreement to ward off chinqs.IndiA wont be militarily involved in joint strikes with America against chinqs. if IndiA does go to war it will be on their own terms.

      • @disqus_aJhagS5aWM:disqus @AryanIndiaN75:disqus you guys are indians, I want your view on this.
        Russia has supported India for a long time, while Pakistan has fought with USA made weapons like F86 aganist India in both wars 65, & 71.

        Recently US wants to contain China, (as Pakistan is more closer to China than US) so Pakistan is not an option. philiphines backed away from USA too. So for USA the only regional power which can help to contain China is India. Now USA had recently been interested in India, it wasn’t interested before. While Russia has been backing India from the beginning.
        So why does Modi want to annoy Russia, by tilting towards the USA and France. And annoy its long term ally Russia. Russia has been loyal to its allies far more than USA. Why Modi preferred Desault Rafale over Russian Su-35 (which is a pretty powerful fighter)
        USA will back off, if her interests are lost. But Russia is far more reliable
        Russia has reacted by conducting military drill with Pakistan, and a possible deal of Su-35 with Pakistan

    • true, my american friends telling me how china grown there market and they hated them
      they hate muslim as well saying they live disgusting make dirty places around they do not like to interrupt someone they create them own rules.
      in germany they allow them for help to stay one of them land in there hard moment and but that help they take it other way…. thought made that land as them own and there living people got in trouble as they started and force them to follow them rules.
      these muslim mentality is very disturbing for world so yes they all hate them.

      • I want to say only one thing my friend if islam is not good then what is good?having cow urine early in the morning or to bend in front of cow.really it beyond reality. Be practical man a cow could’t be a god.a we dont create the rules.islam has created the rule 1400 years ago.We only follow them. First of al understand islam and then talk about it.

        • when you born you drink first milk from your mother right?
          may be you people killed your mother too like cow.
          we get milk from cow and yeah she might not god but we see her as mother. cause we see mother as god… when mother is god
          and we see cow like mother my answer confirmed Cow is GOD.
          you people may be kill your own mother and eat we don’t we respect
          who give us good things and we use them good and nice way.
          this is out of your understanding your brain not grown up
          you people live like pigs where you live that place will get dirty and messy and you people anyway famous in terrorism. we can see how much good things your islam have. we don’t need to understand your islam
          we heard few points on internet and there nothing then violence i seen
          i can prove it to you too. if you wish for. but that will be tight slap for you.
          better beware before asking

          • Aslaam e alikum my friend. Dont say bad to islam.islam is not a relagion of terrorism. Islam is fully peace.dont look these people who make it terrorism look 14hundreds years before our prophet hazrat muhammad PBUH.
            And the other thing which i want to say that you are always wrong mother is not god.we rsspect our mothers but we cant make tjem god because god is one and hod is superior.
            And also my friend first study islam then talk.cow could not be a god.if it is a god then it should be independent and superior.
            If any thing benifits us we should not recognize it as god.
            If this happens one day you will have hundreds of thousands of GODS BUT REALITY DOESNT CHANGES THAT GOD IS ONE AND HE IS SUPERIOR THAN EVERY THING IN THE UNVERSE……….
            THANKS for reading my comment ..

        • ok my bro,,, you are saying how cow is a god,, ok i will tell you bhai,, you said 1400 years ago your religion was created or quran was written etc,, ok i will ok with that ,,, and also i will accept this fact that how cow is a god,, you read your religion book ,, now come to my hindu books vedas and purans,, as you said your book is written by your god or devotee,,, same goes with me ,, my books was written by my gods and devotees,, and in my religion it was clearly mention that cow is a god,, thats why we hindu saying that cow is a god,,, it has 33 crore devi devta inside ,, so thats why we said cow is a god,,, so same in your language ,, First of all understand the Hindu Dharma and then talk about it,,,and one more thing,, you said your rules was created 1400 years ago,,, now mine was created 5000 or more than 5000 years ago ok,, so first read and understand and then talk about any religion ,,,

      • Ahahahahahahahaha…..have u ever read what The Qur’an has to say about it?? Dont come nagging about something that you have no idea about…..The verses explained there are the exact opposite of what you spoke…….try to know about that thing before expressing your opinion

        • you know what i shared one video which i found on net but this bloody disqus not approve that comment… it was tight slap for your Islam religion.
          Anyway i have another solution go to youtube and search for
          “Muslim apostate to Christianity beheaded in Tunisia for leaving Islam Arab Spring” please everyone watch how cruelty your religion cut head off Human. we don’t agree with your religion crap… and not interested
          but herre i would like to mention we don’t count your religioin one of our human kind. we don’t kill people like that’s your religion do.
          and yeah everything is on the line. today america ban your kind tomorrow whole world will ban you.
          This massage for that afzaal khan too. my last message disqus not approved but that was tight slap for your so called islam.

          • listen, the youtube is free for all to upload anything they like…whether its good or bad..and some poor misguided people watch them and believe them to be true…how many times will people have to say…Dont judge Islam just by people’s acts and the fakeness of this world…the ones who kills and does those sinful things doesnt have the rights to claim themselves muslims….please brother dont watch those videos and judge a religion…and religion cannot be judged by a video…please go and read the quran or its unbiased translation to seek out the answer for urself….many people mix their opinions with the facts making Islam look bad to people…..So before giving a “tight slap”…use that hand that u used to “slap” to get to know why is it “slapping”

          • here you are right just for a moment,, coz i do believe that islam religion or kuran newer say to kill people ,, even kuran is a holy book which have ideal and god’s word inside,,, but the question is ,,who follows them,,, read kuran,,, and you will come to know that drinking alcohol is a sin or bad according to quran,, but name me a muslim who do not drink alcohol,,, i dont want to hurt any one’s feeling ,, but truth is truth ,, name me a muslim who do not eat no veg or animals,, name me a single one ,, i will commit suicide i am wrong here,,, todays muslim brother do opposite hindu,, here they say (hindu) that cow is our mother,,, but on the other end muslims says,, if you eat the cow then you are going to heaven after death ,,, what the fuck is this ,,, so the religion who says just do opposite the hindus,, thats not a religion,,, so do not say you are muslim untill you do not follow quaran ok,,,

          • Indeed ,,,,,, AMit Salvi,,, also what kind of religion it is where on Eid festival they cuts thousands of who knows millions of animals on the name of festival ,, just to enjoy the non veg food,,, around the world ,, who does that ,, i mean,, there are no reason to kill animals like that ,,,, and hazarat muhhmd did not said to kill animal or drink alcohol to muslim,,, they invented it by their own for their own benefits so that they can eat animals and drink alcohol ok,,,, so do not try to give us the shit about religion,,,, Portgas D. Ace

        • kuran also said to not to drink kill and rape ,,, well i am not a hater of islam religion ,,,, but muslims do not follow kuran ,,, so do not use the term kuran again and again mr Portgas D. Ace ,,,,, and also read and think before you comment something ,, it is well known that all the terrorist are muslims? why ? ,,, again it is not to hate muslim and their religion,, but why their name comes if we talk about terror and other bad work,,,, so you have to increase you knowledge mr Portgas D. Ace ok,,,

  5. Russia is truly support and Close friend to India. not like “The enemy of enemy is my friend strategy” I have been In Russia for 3 years as well 2 years in UK
    i stay with there local people i studied them culture
    and they love our cultures there most follow too…
    about England there many reasons they are close to us they 50 years rule on us but now them thoughts are changed. they are very supportive with us.
    I have no idea about other countries as never had experience and study but i will say
    please study before announcing your Knowledge to the world.

          • could have fooled me you cant even type properly let alone type a coherent sentence. IndiA will not split IndiA is going to become a powerhouse. china wont even have cpec as they have been told off by Europe and America while IndiA completely boycotted the meeting. chinas economy is slowing down.IndiA national language is hindi.

          • poda punda …….fucker like u only say hindi national lan and sunny leone national women …..hindi will never accept as langu …
            we dont need hindi
            2. one thing I know for certain you are quite thevudiya

          • i think aj is from south india…. he is just a dumd….
            i am from kerala ( south )…but we dint think this kind of stupid things ..as aj……i think he didnt have much knowladge …hindi will be our national language for long…jai hind

          • 53.60% of Indians are speaking Hindi [ 41.03% in 2001 ] .But that much population dont know any
            other indian languages [ Tamil speakers from 6.49% to 5.91% ]
            so Hindi will be our national language …..its need simple logic
            NB : and most of other Indian languages also includes Hindi in it

          • abe chutiye Aj m,, Ananda Krishnan N tuje samjha rha hai ,,, samja ja,, na,, and he is trying to most of indian speak hindi and accept it as a national lang. but you said tamil is my national lang,, and you said to fuck of hindi ,,, that sucks now,, when said fuck of hindi and tamil as a national lang , you are not indian since then ,, and that kind of people are known as terrorist ,,, so AJ fuck you Jhantu,, you have rights and freedon in this country to say any thing like you said fuck of hindi and other indian who are not tamil ,,, you hates us,,,if you were living in other country accept india and if you had said those words against your country ,,, they will fuck your ass AF ,, and would have killed you already or fucked you in many ways,,, ok,,,, and when you said tamil is your national lang,, gaand mara gandu,, and thats the thing that separates india in 2 parts,, that is north and south india,,, so first ,, tamil’s are may be good or not but they may be hates other indians and second ,,, if you hates JHAnt UKHAD LO BC,,,, the country who gives you bread and butter ,, newer go against it,,, so again GAANDU AJ GAAND MARA<<CHUTIYE,,,

          • thevudiya paiya …..kandara voli naiya ..tamil nadu will be only for tamil peopl e.. hindi naiya velua poda kandara voli

          • if u said Tamil is your national language….it will not making any sense …
            Tamil is your Mother-tongue…
            if you are Indian, you must respect both your mother-tongue and national language

          • tamil is my national langu and my mother tou ..who r u to dicide which is national langu for me .. hindi is religion langu ..so plz stop staying hindi as national when it is not

          • i dont say i will kill u just because u said it my choice to learn something …i cannot learn hindi for u

          • yes, who r u to decide national langu …imposing langu ..is like rape other …so killing u is also not bad idea buddy

  6. Israel will be eventually destroyed by IraN’ and many other nations.the world knows about Israel and the $%# they have been stirring up with pushing Africans into everyones countries and causing political turmoil.

    • But we need to pretend we are friends to get all those technology. nothing wrong in it as they are also pretending. if they really become our Allie, good for them.

  7. Russian relation may be at government level, but there is no people-to-people relation between Indians and Russians.

  8. Bro u must include Israel in friendly list.They provided arm support in kargil even usa pressured them not to.


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