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5 comparisons between Bengaluru and Hyderabad girls – Who are best ?


Remember the advertisement of FOGG spray, “Aaj Kal India mein Fogg chal rahi hain”, similarly “IT mein dho shehar chal raheh hain, Bengaluru and Hyderabad”. These two cities are being prime destinations for many graduates and to be likely a home away home. There is almost 20% increase in population of these cities in the last five years and still counting. Don’t ask about GDP of these cities as it would be almost equal to a small state in the country. So as IT taking new turns in these cities with big Tech companies extending their foot prints here, the living standards and skills are also changing in the citizens of these two cities, but still, there is some degree of variations in the people mindsets. So why don’t we know about those changes in the girls in these two cities.

Trendy – Bengaluru takes the lead

However the both cities has fast paced fashion and style intake, one should definitely admit that Bengaluru girls are bit ahead when compared to the Hyderabadi girls. Surprisingly, Hyderabad has many  international branded outlets than Bengaluru but still lagging to pick up the style and trend. So what could be the possible reasons, might be the adaptability is more in Bengaluru and also the climatic conditions there favors a lot to experiment with fashion. just to add, the fashion comes for all prices in Bengaluru (commercial street 😉 ). So Hyderabadi girls please take the lead.

Brainy – Hyderabad takes the lead

So when comes to studies or job or some leadership qualities, Hyderabad girls are ahead. Though Bengaluru girls are not so behind to Hyderabadi girls they still can give best. Well, the Bengaluru girls also have a less degree of sense of humor as they are some much practical.

Hotness – Benagluru takes the lead 

So when you are trendy automatically the hotness will follow you, well fashion doesn’t alone project beauty it is just a addon. Comparatively what makes the Bengaluru girls to look hot is the confidence about their looks and the way they carry themselves. Hyderabadi girls feel a less confident about their looks. Their isn’t any proper explanation about these things but still, on any  day one would pick Benagluru girls as a hotty.

Relationships and Dating – Bengaluru takes the lead

It is said that 68% of the blind dates in Bengaluru were being happened by the Online Dating apps. There is also a survey which states that the breakups are more in this city when compared to any other. So the degree of seriousness in relationships and dating is partially more in Bengaluru girls where as hyderabad is picking up the culture so soon.

Ideal Partner characteristics – You decide 

So, when it comes to those characteristics, if it is more of traditional then more inclination is towards the Hyderabad and if is a sophistication then it is Bengaluru. So the decision is upto you.

The two cities are witnessing a real growth and change in party life, love life and many other things. Anything is good until it doesn’t reach the threshold value. It is that responsibility of every Indian to respect our culture and tradition while enjoying the others culture.



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