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5 brutal and shocking facts about KFC


KFC, or previously known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is a large multi-national food chain and joint which has stores and franchises all around the world. Any KFC outlet is considered as a worship place for any person who is an ardent fan of eating chicken or chicken based fast foods.

KFC is worldwide famous for providing chicken and chicken-based items to all its eaters and users. However, you will be surprised to know that there are certain facts about KFC that even the ardent fans of the restaurant chain do not know about. We are not talking about fun facts; we are talking about hardcore disgusting and shocking facts about KFC that you will not like if you are blindly in love with the chain. But, even if you like the Colonel’s recipe, you should just take a glance at the facts before you decide to eat a meal there again. So, here we go;

#1: They breed their own chickens in pathetic conditions


Many refute this, but many know the reality behind this accusation. KFC is known to breeds its own genetic type and form of chickens. It is said and understood that KFC is in the business of providing their own chicken breed to all its customers, and they are not at all healthy. Most believe that the chickens they breed are always malnutrition in nature, and they keep them in pathetic conditions. If you ever see a KFC chicken farm, then you will understand what we are talking about.

Many have also said that KFC’s breeds of chickens actually are not original chickens at all. They are hybrid chickens, and most of them only have meat in them rather than other important biological parts. Hence, some considered KFC chickens to be inorganic and unnatural, as most of them are test tube produced. Although some of the accusations may be farfetched, but they might as well have some weight. So we must be careful.

#2: eating KFC regularly can make you fat or even worse

KFC dishes are mostly deep fried snacks, and they use tons of oil when they are made. This is why if you consume and intake KFC on a regular basis you can easily be susceptible to weight gains. Now gaining weight is one issue, but taking in other weight-related issues with it can really be a problem for anyone. Regularly high dosages of fast food, chicken, and meat along with oil can easily make us venerable to various heart and fat-related issues.

So it is best to avoid eating at KFC, or at least avoid eating at the restaurant for a regular timeframe to keep our bodies safe and sound. Also, remember, legally, KFC is not liable for any lawsuits or punitive damages if you get ill, sick or unhealthy (largely) thanks to the regular consumption of their deeply oily fried meat.

#3: the materials and the ingredients that they use are harmful

Apart from the meat and the oil, the rest of the ingredients and materials that KFC uses on their chicken dishes are always under the scanner of the health, food and drug department too. Many consider that the materials they use risk our bodies. In fact, many doctors recommend people to avoid eating at chains like KFC because they use materials and ingredients that contain substances like maltodextrin. This substance itself can cause diabetes and can increase the levels of blood sugar in our body if we take it regularly. KFC is also notoriously known for using refined salt in their offerings. Along with this, the restaurant chain also uses monosodium glutamate (MSG) in their materials and ingredients. So the next time you visit the chain, be sure about the things you eat; or else you might end up with issues bad brain response, kidney problems, and blood pressure.

#4: No one knows what’s in their recipe

If you have ever wondered what they actually put in KFC chicken, then you will have to keep on wondering and pondering about it. No one knows what’s inside their chicken, as only a few people know the exact recipe. Now this is a very sensitive issue for both the customers and the company itself. The company cannot disclose the actual recipe as they do not want others to replicate it and make their own versions of KFC. While the customers are also always kept in the dark about the recipe and the ingredients it possesses. It is understood that the recipe is actually a complex blend of eleven different spices and herbs. But, we cannot be sure about it, as the main handwritten original recipe is actually stored in a locker at the company HQ in Kentucky, US.

Whatever it may be, it becomes difficult for the customers and consumers to pinpoint the ingredients for the chicken. And, that makes eating KFC dishes a gamble for many, as most of them back off from it. Of course, keeping a trade secret is also virtue in today’s world but that creates a lot of negativity in the market too.

#5: Many kids have suffered around the world by eating KFC

We might be intrigued and tempted by the smell of freshly fried chicken dishes of KFC, but many small kids have suffered lot due to it. It is estimated that many young kids (all around the world and especially in developed countries) have suffered obesity thanks to KFC. Now kid’s getting fat is an issue which no one can ignore. But KFC has been termed as Kid Fattening Centre by many moms, wellbeing groups and health groups in the past.

Many kids have indeed suffered thanks to their temptation of consuming KFC dishes. It is not a matter of joke— as because of KFC many bright young kids may go into the deep clutches of obesity right from their childhood. All of it is thanks to Colonel Sander’s secret recipe.

Now, its upto you to decide is kfc bad for you? or how bad is kfc for you?



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