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5 Bollywood Celebs who lost their COOL in public!


If you are a fan of any Bollywood celebs, you would certainly say ‘any publicity is a good publicity.’ Some of them love controversies about them more than anything, Umm, guess they’ve taken the phrase to heart. Are you already thinking about KRK? Oh, PLEASE! It’s not just him, no offense! However, there are more people to join the list (but the only difference is they’re far sensible than him!)

Let’s take a look at a list of celebrities who lost their ‘COOL’ when they’re in public. Gross!

Katrina Kaif

The Queen of tantrums – She is known for her outbursts and often secured her place in the news. The Jagga Jasoos heroine once created quite a scene in a plane when an air hostess tapped her to wake her from her sleep. Guess why? To ask her to fasten the seat belt! Do you think she thanked that hostess for this? Nah! Instead of thanking her she just yelled at her for touching her. She also made sure the air hostess apologized to her! This is not the only incident.

When the actress was shooting for the movie Bang Bang where she refused to be photographed on set and by the photographer and demanded her favorite photographer. This, in turn, turned out to be a huge expense for the production team who were already having a tough time managing her demands! No idea how people call it – irritating or funny, nor does she talk to her crew members directly although if they’re standing next to her. She just gives orders to her manager who again conveys the same demands to the crew. Perhaps, she really needs a peaceful sleep to calm herself, and what else would be a right choice other than Centuary Mattresses!

Salman Khan

The Sultan actor, who is well known for a generous heart, often loses his cool. A couple of years back, the actor had got furious apparently when a fan was taking his pictures. He purportedly grabbed the fan’s mobile. Sadly, the fan was hurt and even he did tell that he was just taking the actor’s pictures when the actor opened his car window. However, our furious Dabaang actor snatched his phone and threw it off!  In fact, the Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor had also slapped a fan once. Ouch!!!

Ranveer Singh

Most of you might be wondering how did he even get a place on this list? Unfortunately, it’s true! The Bajirao Mastani actor threw tantrum when he was flying to Kolkata. Do you think the flights have something to do with celebrity moods? Just a guess! So, back to the spot, the air-hostess asked Ranveer if he wanted to have non-vegetarian or vegetarian food, to which, he was unsure and asked for some time to choose his meal.

Later, when the Ram Leela actor asked for the non-vegetarian toll, the air hostess apologized saying that it was over and in fact, she politely offered him vegetarian food. That is when the charismatic actor lost his cool and said that he wouldn’t even agree to accept water from the hostess! Can you even think that long to decide what do you want? Come on, it’s food!

John Abraham

What? Did he? No, wait! You gotta listen to this before you judge this appealing actor! This incident happened during an inauguration on a Sunday of Euro Gold Jewellery showroom & Asmi Diamond showroom at Kankanady. A girl in Mangalore was so overwhelmed by his presence and she tried grabbing his arm and bite him when he walked past her!  John was shocked reacted by slapping her. Grrrr! Can you really blame him? He was obviously in shock!

Kangana Ranaut

Unfortunately, not all the wealth in the world can buy a brain-to-mouth filter. The queen of controversies as well as the Queen actress is rumored to give a tough time to crew during flights. Uhh, AGAIN flights! She travels with her assistant always who sits in the economy class, while the actress sits in the first class. And whenever it comes to eating on the plane, she makes the air hostess run back and forth by asking them to check with her assistant for every prerequisite of hers.

The list is neverending! So, what do you think about these celebs? Do share the not-so-pleasant moments of your most/least favorite actors below!

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