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5 best things about Ramgarh


Ramgarh, a small hill station in Nanital district, Utattarakhand is rich in orchards. Two of the most famous personalities, poet -Rabindranath Tagore and social worker- Narain Swami have their ashrams over there. Due to rich in orchards such as- Peach, Apple, Apricots and Pears it is popularly known as “Fruit Bowl of Kumaon”. Damodar is known as the main river of the district. The main occupation of people living here is cultivation and it is considered as most important industrial area in East India.
Top 5 best things about Ramgarh are as follows:

1. Connectivity

It is important that the place you visit must have the best connectivity. Ramgarh, have good connectivity with the railways. It has been divided into 2 zones: East Central Railways and South Eastern Railways. It is near to airways as well . Ranchi airport is the nearest one. For roadways there are 3 expressways that pass through this district.


It has a mesmerizing weather. You can have the privilege to enjoy all the seasons in this small hill station. From chilling breeze, snow-capped ranges in winters, sunny day in summers to unpredictable rains all over the year. It is considered best to visit from May-July, having moderate climate.

3.Nature Walk

The nature walk around the place is so beautiful as it is surrounded by hills and natural trees around everywhere. The walk through the forest is the best to explore and the jungle walk is the best tourists attraction of the place. You can walk around and enjoy the chilling breeze. Sunset is the most amazing thing about the nature walk.

4.Red Apple Lodges

Have a desire to spend some time in peace from your boring daily routine? Visit Red Apple Lodges with your family. Being situated at Ramgarh, it is blessed with the most beautiful scenic beauty with clear sunset view for the tourists living there. Having 3 huge rooms, dining room, big hall, verandah for morning tea,3 bathrooms , playground etc. Serve home cook food.It is available 365/366 days, 24/7 at reasonable rates. So, Book now and add some memorable moments to your life. Fell Like home!

5. Situated in Nanital District

Being situated in Nanital district, it itself is a very amazing thing. As Nanital is a hub for vacations for tourists, people often love to visit Ramgarh on their way to Mukhteshwar. The cottages are the main reason behind people visiting there to get peace and comfort from their daily routine.



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