5 Best Korean Dramas and Their Dramatic Journey


Drama is a combination of acting, song, and dance. Among the top regional drama, Korean drama is the popular one. Artists and actors from South Korea perform the best Korean dramas in the world. These dramas are also cast for television programs in Korean. These dramas were popular in the whole world because of the themes based on Korean Wave. The most famous Korean drama that was broadcasted on television in the year of 2003 was Dae Jang Geum, and this very drama was sold in 91 countries. By this, we can well understand the value and importance of Korean drama in the world Drama Society.


About Korean dramatic works:

These Korean dramas are written by one scriptwriter and directed by another director and so their dramas are of a unique kind and rare type. Usually, these dramas are broadcasted like daily soap in television daily on a specific time. Sageuk is a series of Korean television dramas based on historical war-fares, historical figures, historical stories and historical aspects. And to check out technically, the work ‘ Sageuk ‘ means historical drama. This kind of drama is not restricted to a time period. Some of the popular Korean dramas are Yi San and Jumong. Countries such as Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Iran are very much satisfied with the works of Korean artist, and they appreciate Korean drama a lot. And the uncommon thing of these dramas series are these dramas of very short time span, like for saying 12 to 24 episodes in a season. Each episode is of 60 minutes. Another amazing factor behind the prosperity of kind of drama is the looks of the actor and the actresses.  The actor looks very handsome and attractive whereas the actress looks very pretty and promising. This factor is contributing a lot of fame to the Korean Dramatic society.

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The most famous top five Korean dramas and some details to it:

  • The Love from Star – this famous drama is based on a love story of the ages. The power of mutual love is a miracle we all know, and this play portraits this feeling perfectly. This play contains lots of genre in it. The story of this particular play focuses on the roller coaster emotional attachment and feeling of the lovers.
  • Boy before Flower – this Korean drama is a heartthrob to all the attendance who have watched it. The story revolve around a schoolgirl who is very pretty and beautiful attracts a group of school boys who are rich and handsome, their group was known as F4. When many things are going around two of those four fell in love with the schoolgirl.
  • Playful Kiss – this drama is a classic and warm love story and the ways to fulfill the need of love in a long way. This love story is a bit different from other stories. This story is totally based on a girl’s love story. The way a girl perceives he love, one will get to see that in this play. Starting from the big crush to the true love all is a portrait in this drama.
  • The Heirs – this story is about the highly educated schoolboy who was sent abroad to study and after his return he join his family business, and their luck was really in their favor. They seem to conquer and rule all they wanted, but the only this they were struggling for is their love life that wasn’t in their favor.
  • Secret Garden – this story is again a romantic one. This play contains beautiful action sequences and romantic scenes. This drama is mainly referred to people of all ages. According to the people, this ply can be watch over and over again. This drama really touched all hearts.