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5 benefits of coconut oil in weight loss


One of the most helpful and beneficial, consumable fats is provided to us by coconut oil. This is the only fat used by humankind that helps to reduce weight, rather than the other way around.  The coconut oil is detected to carry a special combination of essential fatty acids that helps the all over metabolism of the human body.

The fats:

There are good fats and bad fats in our body. The good fat is responsible for a glowing skin, nourished hair, and all over essential for a healthy diet. On the other hand, it is the bad fat that brings upon all the negative effects to our body. Obesity, diabetes, thyroid, are just to name a few. In the case that you want to stay far away from these unhealthy conditions, it is important that you get rid of the excess bad fat in your body right away. This is where the role of the Coconut oil becomes imperative.

Research and Result:

After continued research on the properties and the benefits of coconut oil, researchers have come to a very satisfactory result. It is now scientifically proved that just by introducing coconut oil to your diet on a regular basis, you can lose the desirable amount of bad fat. Coconut oil helps you lose the bad fat, especially around the abdominal area, which is without a doubt the hardest to lose.

5 ways the coconut oil helps you lose weight:

Now that you are well aware that coconut oil is one of the most natural super foods when it comes to losing excess fat, you may also be intrigued as to how it is done. There are a number of ways that this super food helps you lose those extra pounds, some of these ways or weight loss benefits, include-

#1 – Increasing the energy level in one’s body

A special component namely medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) lauric acid is present in coconut oil. What does this do? Unlike other saturated fats, like the ones carried by dairy products and meats, this fatty acid works and metabolises differently post entering the human body.

On one hand where the other fats are sedentary in nature and accumulate in different parts of the body, on the other, the digested MCT is not stored as fat by the body and is straight away directed towards the liver. In the liver, the MCT metabolizes to form energy.

Consuming coconut oil in the mornings will allow your body to create 5% more energy than regular times. Hence, it is important that you introduce at least two to three teaspoons of coconut oil to your daily diet.

#2 – Burns unnecessary fat in the body

Coconut oil is one of the very few 100% natural ingredients in the world that help individuals fight weight gain. In the case that you are looking for a way to control your daily intake of calories or burn those extra ones, coconut oil can help you do that faster than any other natural ingredient.

The coconut oil acts as a special enzyme; that helps you digest food much efficiently and at a faster rate while allowing your body to store the nutrients. This makes you feel full, and the need for excess consumption is eradicated. Thanks to the proper storage of nutrients, you do not feel weak from the lesser intake of food.

Other than the fat burning quality, coconut oil is also a potent mood elevator that helps you be calmer, happier and much more attentive. Add a couple of teaspoon of coconut to your daily diet and have your fats burning faster than ever.

#3-  Cuts back on the Cravings

One of the main reasons that lead the human body to accumulate extra fat and become obese is the untimely cravings and their following fulfilments. Scientific research as proved that majority of the first world population consumes not out of hunger but out of craving.

Picking up a doughnut with the coffee on your way to the office, that extra packet of chips, post lunch, and God knows how many more munches throughout the day, keep adding to your weight count. The MCT in the coconut, not only is a larger source of energy but also help build key tone bodies. You feel fuller faster; you feel less hungry and have lesser cravings to deal with.

Enjoying two to three servings of coconut oil on a regular basis pulls you away from that unlimited consumption of unhealthy food products, thus helping you majorly in losing weight faster.

#4 – Is an efficient nutrient absorber

One of the main reasons that we feel hungry over and over again is due to inefficient absorption of nutrients in the body, from the food that we consume. Thanks to the coconut oil and the high amount of MCT carried by it, it allows a more efficient nutrient absorbing mechanism.

How does it do it? Well, the regular consumption of coconut oil improves not only your digestive power but also the all over the condition of the digestive tract. This allows the tract to absorbs vitamins like A, D, E,K, etc. that are fat soluble in nature.

The efficient retention of these vitamins in the body helps with improved mood, healthier bones, cellular regeneration, healthier skin, and improved brain functions.

#5 – Stabilizes the level of blood sugar in the body

Uncontrolled blood sugar often leads to diabetes. Obesity and diabetes go hand in hand. Either of them can be the cause and the other the effect. Under such scenario, coconut oil helps the pancreas to function more efficiently and also encourages more insulin production in the body. This stops both the chances of high blood sugar and obesity.

In order to enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits, it is important that you make it a habit of consuming coconut oil, every single day. There are no side effects involved with the intake of coconut oil, making it one of the best natural remedies for weight loss.



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