Being fat or a little too overweight becomes a hell of a task! And the torture is usually not from the weight that you bear but is from the others who look and you and tell you every now and then how being overweight is a real big deal. Never talked about much usually but it is good to know the benefits of something that you may never think of. So anyone and everyone who thinks he or she is fat or the ones who judge others, here is a great deal to know about. The benefits of being fat; FINALLY!


When it comes to being fat or a little overweight, the best thing you can count on is a fast recovery. Comparing to a thin person the fat ones have this advantage. Due to the overweight they can recover easily from an injury or some sickness. So next time someone points out at you carrying that extra fat, enlighten them!

advantages of being fat


Apart from the depression that overweight people usually get into because of others calling them names, there is nothing that can depress you much compared to your thin counter parts. Studies suggest that overweight people have a less chance of getting depressed. So imagine the happiness that you spread around! Cheers!

no depression in being obese


That extra layer of fat surely protects you from something. And yes it is the chilling wind and the low temperatures outside. So when others are chattering their teeth, you can sit and look for yourself that how blessed you are!

winter's not a problem for overweights


If you have that fat, you are more likely to keep away from infertility issues. The body’s reproductive system is favored by the fat that is stored in your body. It is true in case of both men and women. So you have fewer things to worry about and take care on this side. There is definitely a strong connection here.



Not just the recovery from the diseases as mentioned above, being overweight also gives you the advantage of avoiding many illnesses that you usually encounter. Risk of dementia, having miscarriage and many more are avoided because of this extra layer of fat that we curse at times.

pros of being fat

So if you are on the same line as this, make sure you look at the brighter side. Having no diseases and a healthy body surely gives you a reason to live well and of course with a big grin to flaunt at the world, this extra layer of fat!