Islands mark the beauty of Nature. Islands are so beautiful and gorgeous, truly it feels like heaven when being on an island. With the swishing waves of seas, the calm and composed environment, with the cool breeze, islands are a perfect gateway to a wonderful vacation. Many people love to spend their leisure time in islands away from the hustle and bustle of their busy lives. Islands also provide one with a view of exotic species of animals and birds and delicacies of seafood. There are many beautiful islands closest to India which are crowded by many Indians every year. Among those, the top 5 beautiful islands near India are stated:


mauritius-1 mauritius-2



Mauritius, the most beautiful island ever known. This is the perfect place for relaxation and enjoyment. Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean and is a small island full of liveliness and excitement. One is supposed to meet different kinds of people on this island who just comes here to chill. The beaches with warm sand and also the clear crystal water can make you forget all your worries and tensions. It has a warm climate which is tropical for most times of the year. Its lush greenery and island life will make you fall in love with this place. You can get the experience of the best of marine life.

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andaman-nicobar-1 andaman-nicobar-2




The Andaman And Nicobar islands are the closest island to India. This island falls in the Bay of Bengal. Andaman and Nicobar are located in a bit of remote area and it does not have many facilities and communication system. This island is worth visiting. It is covered with beautiful landscapes and surroundings. Just the right place for a holiday. You can take boat rides and get the best of ocean life.



madagascar-1 madagascar-2




This island will make you feel like a fairytale trip. It is so beautiful and classy. Madagascar island is the world’s fourth-largest island and it is visited by many tourists every year. It is so bright and so technically done. This island just makes you go crazy over Madagascar! The magic of the sands and the clear blue water is awesome! Not many facilities, but more of life and fun on this island…

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maldives-1 maldives-2




So lovely and so much to explore in the Maldives! It makes you feel like at home. The other name for the Maldives is “Tropical Paradise”! The island will feel like a heart covered in the heaven of Earth. The people of Maldives are very friendly and welcoming. This island is a nice and awesome place to spend some time with near and dear ones. This place is famous for its coral reefs and also its soft beach sands where people are seen relaxing and enjoying the bounties of Nature.


seychelles-1 seychelles-2




Seychelles Islands will make you feel being in a movie. With picturesque surroundings and greenery, this island can make anyone go rocking. The beaches and sands are just awesome! This place has many expensive resorts to make visitors feel comfortable and luxurious. A place no one can say no to!

Some of the exotic islands which are a must-visit!! It can make you fall in love with life and Nature…