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5 Back-breaking and strenuous exams of this world


To become successful and earn big, one generally has to depend on an everlasting legacy or laborious examinations. It’s an old cliche, however true, that hard work and determination can help one achieve their dreams, no matter how many obstructions they have to face. One has to be as stubborn and formidable as the gruelling examination.

Union Public Service Commission
This examination is no less than Himalayan mountaineering and that too for as long as you don’t achieve the goal that is hidden somewhere almost inaccessible. In 2014 around 9,50,000 students filled up the form for this exam (now since it is free for women and the reserved castes, it becomes a easy stake), out of which only 4,00,000 appeared for the exam. THAT IS TRUE! With around 16,900 qualifying the first round, 3000 making it through the second round and 1100 final selections, this exam has the most inexhaustible syllabus possible. Being such a sensitive exam, it if often under news-vigilance for any minute or notable changes.

Academic stalwarts have a hard-time cracking this exam to get into Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Economic Service, Indian Revenue Service, Indian Forest Services and more.

Shah Faisal, The first topper from Kashmir, India
With expensive coaching and large syllabus, it is a back-breaking task

Mensa Admission Test
If you are among the top 2% super-brilliant person on this planet, this exam is for you. WHAT ELSE CAN YOU EXPECT FROM THE BIGGEST IQ ORGANIZATIONS OF THE WORLD. It can be administered by Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT), private psychologists, the military and human resource departments. The entrant is tested on vocabulary and general knowledge, visuo-spatial ability, short term memory, and processing speed. Another interesting factor is the test of “fluid-intelligence”. Requirements are inexplicably high, like HighIQPro training, problem solving strategy, Raven Advanced Progressive Matrices (RAPM) or the Cattell Culture Fair III IQ test and what not. Around 100 countries around the world, 1,00,000 are the real “super-humans”.

12-year-old Agnijo Banjeree who was born in Scotland and is of Indian origin, is among the extraordinary team with a result of 162 (top 1% of the population). If you think you have that cognitive skills and indestructible diligence, please give it a try.

The IQ requirement of MENSA


Indian Institute of Technology might not have received remarkable rankings, but it is counted among the most strenuous examination of the planet. It is ingrained in the bloodline of every parent who wants his/her ward to study science, that he/she must get into some IIT. A national problem and nightmare of lacs of Indian students, the biggest reason to worry is mammoth number of the ones who give this exam and the meager success rate. Around 13 lakh students appeared for IIT-Joint Entrance Examination in 2014.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that IITs in India have the best possible campus, laboratories, exposure, internship opportunities and thick packages. With a track record of massively popular alumni, some of whom rose to become RBI Governor, world-class tycoons, administrators and other coveted positions, make this exam very privileged and most wanted.

unmatchable anxiety

National Higher Education Entrance Examination (China)
Also known as GAOKAO, this test is two times equivalent to SAT. The record goes like this: 60% appearing students are capable of getting through the University and a mere 0.2% get admission in the top 5 schools. Taken once every year at the end of high school, GAOKAO is responsible for fatal depression and pressure. If you think life is fun, you have no idea how difficult it is for these exam takers.

You will be surprised to know about the technology used to monitor students. Six-propellor surveillance drones are used to scan the area for chits, smartphones and any cheating gadgets. This exam is essential for the Chinese resident students who wish to land up with a good job and life.

Students sitting for GAOKAO exam
Guards outside the examination hall
Drones used for prevention of cheating

All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam
Oxford University is indeed one of the most sought-after institutions of the world. With a small range, only a topper in the Oxford Undergraduate final can sit for this exam. The ones who are successful, have the privileged entry into All Souls College. Alongside, they get a fellowship of 7 years and an impressive stipend of £14,783 a year.

Students are tested on analytical abilities, knowledge depth, clarity of thought and other papers include mixed subjects such as Law, Classics, English Literature, History, Economics, Philosophy, and Politics. Although a short number of students get into it, this entry is extremely prestigious for the Oxford family.

Oxford University
Codrington Library, All Souls College, Oxford

The list hasn’t ended yet.

Chartered Financial Analyst Exam

California Bar Exam

Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Exam

Malaysia Certificate in Legal Practice Exam

Master Sommelier Diploma Exam

Common Aptitude Test(India)

Indian CA Final Exam

Legal issues College Evaluation(US)

Exams are obvious, and it is meant to identify the truly deserving. This list from all around the world can be supplemented with more such numbers, that can be bypassed for a decent existence. If you have the potential and fire in your belly to be counted among the most successful person on earth, fulfilling all the desires you dream of, go ahead and plunge into this competitive world and prove your might.



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