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5 artifacts built among us that show our purpose of living on earth


“hear you come from your mothers womb..as her token of love”,that jiffies filled with joy and enthusiasm,as you step on the earth.

  •  who are you now..?                                                                                                                                                
  • for what purpose your hear now..?                                                                                                               
  • does life has any purpose..?                                                                                                                        

                              let us know what exactly the purpose is,let us rewind the reel  from the minute we were born….joyful moment ever,your parents hug u tight and thank god for giving you as a gift to them.Are you really gods gift? did he send you on the earth? seemingly its just our belief.god is our idle of  confidence  who  motivates  us to do the impossible.  you grew a year by pamper,love and affection from your family. you are just a mirror of innocence  reflecting the same,which is thought to you by your elders. you don’t think at that stage you just follow what others do.when your at the age of 3 to 4 you are sent to monasteries,where you see many kids like you.you start playing with them…laughing ,enjoying with them.you don’t have any purpose..you enjoy doing everything.you run behind the flies to catch them..you count the number of stars in the sky..you become builder by building sand huts..you enact like your teacher..and many more sweet moments,which we cherish through out our life.purposeless life was so beautiful those days.

                            As you grow up your standard in school increases you start thinking at that stage..this thinking raises many questions in your mind,you don’t just follow the things which you did earlier.at that minute your mother realizes your purpose,saying that you need to study and score good marks in academics.their your 1st purpose is been initiated.you struggle hard to do success and make your mom happy by keeping her word.your struggle full life goes on from their.your life will be filled with a goal of studying more and more and more………….this continues till you complete your education.

                            your parents dream your role as to become an engineer or doctor etc.they wanted you to become which they couldn’t. if your passion is your parents goal then you will pave way to meet it else your inner voice speaks with you about your dream to become..then you follow that.this terms your 2nd purpose.

                                         you will be having very big dreams at that age.indeed you will aim to become richer than Ambani..you don’t have any end to your dreams. you will do anything to reach your goal.,this may also mislead people in undermining their humanity,forget their morals and values.they enter into the world of selfishness to become very rich in the world.this is your 3rd purpose.

                                                          now your settled with a good source of income.,your parents put a proposal of getting married and you get married,or you choose your own partner and begin a new life with her.here new life means,,the life of responsibilities and relations.you should continue your journey with her. you have your own family now.,you have a burden of leading it by satisfying all their wants. This becomes your 4th purpose.

                      you take higher place by becoming a parent.,you have your baby now.this is the 5th purpose. and you try to give everything to him,you strive to fulfill his every wish .finally they grow up and stand on their legs.you feel proud by seeing your image in them.then you finally QUIT when the time comes and your no longer on this earth……..does these things really prove your big question that “what is the purpose of our living on this earth?” these are just our duties which every human does..but enjoying the way we do and how we do is all about the purpose.

                                                          let us go deeper into our self for conclusion..as solution for all queries ultimately lies within us,we no need to look at the sky for the answer. Indian guru “Osho” says life is a cosmic play that is a hide and seek game,not leading anywhere.nowhere is a goal. he regards the world itself as essentially goal-less,and says”you need not be worried about people purpose. In-fact in his view purpose is the disease of the modern age.he talks about “a diction”to advancement undermines the sheer pleasure of being mindful awareness and aliveness to all the joys of life has to offer if you cultivate the right perspective towards it.which is a perspective able to value things independent of their pragmatic value.

                                                        As a great writer “Valmiki” had no purpose in his life,he were a thief earlier but became a writer and written a spiritual book “Ramayana”.this shows his life was purpose less and became purpose full which has been cherished by all the Indians.

                                                       So,know what you believe,know why you believe and know where is it found and build a bridge to reach it.everyone has some purpose in their life and that lies within you.as we go on a drive on a foggy day,our route becomes unclear  it is our responsibility to clear the fog and go forward.in the same way problems and difficulties are like fog in our life,we should clear them to move forward.Instead of denying our journey.keep going till you reach the end.

            enjoy your journey with all happiness,as happiness doesn’t lie only in you it emerges when you share with others.so keep others happy and be happy. ever try to be a child with a plain heart .



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