5 Applications of Badge Reels


Organizations having a high amount of personnel and need valid identification for all of them, even high–level employees. While high-level employees may not need to keep their id visible, all workers below executive administrator need to ensure their id is visible at all times. If you live in a corporate environment where you need to display your ID prominently, a badge reel would be your best choice.

A badge reel refers to a case or housing that incorporates a retractable cord connected to a badge holder. Generally, a badge reel is seen in round or square shape and measures around 1.25” in diameter. However, the shape and the size of the badge reel is open for customization to meet your business needs. Now let’s look at five popular applications of badge reels

Applications of Badge Reels

  1. Relaying Brand Message 

ID cards are often used by businesses to relay their brand message. A badge reel can be customized to incorporate a brand message that is visible all the time to people around you. Companies can opt for a customized imprint on the front of the case to ensure maximum brand message visibility. Imprinting a brand message on a badge reel is a great way to continually remind employees and others about your organization’s high values.

  1. Easy Access for Keys 
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Maintenance workers are required to carry keys around while working to access different areas. The badge reel is strong enough to hold a few keys without the risk of cord snapping. Workers can also attach their ID badge to the badge reel for identification purposes. With keys attached to the badge reel, workers can access the premises without detaching the keys from their bodies. It also eliminates the chances of misplacing keys.

The badge reel is also useful for people who have to be in and out of the office daily. Your organization can give such employee’s card swipe access to the building premises. Employees can attach their ID badge to the badge reel to ensure their ID is visible to security when entering or exiting the premises.  

  1. Keep Track of Departments 

Large organizations have many departments that have hundreds of employees. It can be challenging to identify people from your departments in a busy place. You can purchase badge reels of different colors for departments. The color-coded badge reel can make identification easy even from a distance, thereby saving time and preventing confusion.

  1. Correction Facilities 
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Wearing a lanyard at correctional facilities has its risks. Correction officers often find themselves in a stressful situation with inmates. There is a possibility an inmate grabs the breakaway lanyard of the officer, which increases the risk of a potential choking hazard. Though the lanyard can be split apart, you will feel the tugging of your neck for a while that will increase your stress. A badge reel is an ideal ID accessory for such a setting to help avoid such circumstances.

  1. Hospitals and Manufacturing Facilities 

Even workers at manufacturing facilities are required to wear ID badges. Wearing a lanyard can be risky in a manufacturing facility. It can easily get caught in the machine, unknowingly putting the worker’s life at risk. A badge reel can hold the ID badge securely and keep it out of the way, making the work environment more secure. Also, there are very few chances of a badge reel getting caught in machinery. It remains close to the worker’s body and does not interfere in the work. 

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A badge reel is an excellent choice for healthcare staff as it keeps the ID badge out of the way while performing their duties. It also serves as a useful identification accessory that allows hospital staff to stay visible and prevent confusion about their job roles.

To sum up, a badge reel is a great ID accessory that provides workers maximum visibility without adding to their inconvenience.