5 Main Advantages of Living in a Small Town


Living in a small town is something very different. The way of living is way to discrete from the big cities. People usually underestimate the standards of living in a small town but trust me, people living in small towns are enjoying much more freedom. Small-town relationships life is totally different from big towns.

If you are a student and are googling the benefits of living in a small town to write an essay because your teacher has given you a task to “write a paragraph on advantages of living in a small town” then you can write these 5 points.

You know, I wanted to write “What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a small town?” but then decided to only write advantages because everything has some advantage and some disadvantage. It is on us what we want.

Here is a blog on the benefits of living in small-town:

  1. Life is peaceful
  2. Friendly people
  3. Joint families still exist
  4. Lesser pollution
  5. Lesser disputes
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1. Life is peaceful in small towns

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While living in big cities you have to take care of many things. Your workplace may be far away and you might have to face many problems because of the traffic. People living in small-town enjoy a peaceful atmosphere.

Traveling within the town is not a big task. Most of the people in small towns go back home for having their lunch. It is not possible if you are working in a big city.

2. Friendly people


People in small towns are very helpful and friendly. If you ever get caught in a bad situation they would always help you. Most of the times you are surrounded by people who know you. Small towns are like a big family.

Most of the kids know every uncle in society. kids are always taught to respect their neighbors and love them. The people of small towns are very down to earth and ready to gel up with the new people. They welcome you with all their heart.

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3. Joint families still exist

Most of the people in big cities die of boredom in their free time. They might have many places to visit but the right company is always missing. Most of the people in small towns live in joint families, especially in India. Even if you don’t go out, you can always have a great time having dinner with your family.

4. Lesser pollution


Big cities are always full of pollution. You do not get the right environment. the weather and the pollution free environment is the best part of small towns.

There are many unexplored small towns in India where the environment is perfect for a healthy living. Vehicular pollution is very less because of the lesser population and lesser traffic and that’s why I love living in a small town.

5. Lesser disputes

Most of the big cities are highlighted in the news because of various political disputes. Being small in area and having a lesser population, small towns do not have to face these many disputes.

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People are usually supportive and understanding. They solve their problems quickly and together as a family. They might go on a strike but whatever they do, they do it unitedly.