4 ways that can help you in soothing your angry stomach


Stomach disorder that occasionally happens  such as diarrhea or constipation can be handled and treated with some of the possible ways. There are medicines and also some natural remedies that can help in solving out such troubles related to digestion.

But if you have a belly that has regular digestion issues, then there is a point of concern. It has been recorded that almost one in ten Americans may have some similar type of symptoms and hence they have to think before they consume anything. Such situation can lead to chronic stomach pain and other issues.

It has been noticed that many of such people simply tolerate this pain and let it go on, but this is not the right way. There are now a number of medicines that help in curing such digestion disorder and other stomach related issues that can lead to chronic stomach pain.

But if a person wishes to go by the natural way, then also there are various such ways. Gastroenterologists suggest that there are also some drugs free methods through which people can get rid of such problems. These methods not only soothe your angry stomach but also will help you in getting rid of it for a longer time.

Some food items to avoid

Normally, every food items have some benefits and harms. It is difficult to tell in one go about which food will work for you and which will not. It may happen that if one particular food item is healthy for you, but the same may be very much harmful to someone else. But how can someone know which food item is good for them?

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Some experts have come up with a methodological way to check for the food items that can be harmful to your health. The very first way is to restrict almost all such food items without which you can stay alive. Push out lentils, some starchy fruits and many others things from your diet and consume simple and basic items.

Now slowly start adding other food items to you basic diet one by one. Doing this, you can feel the changes taking place in your bowel. This way you will also be  able to find out easily about which food item is actually harmful to you. If you are consuming all the food items together, it becomes impossible to catch hold of the food that is creating trouble. Adding food one by one slowly every day and having a check will help you track the items to which you are allergic.

Get some exercise

It has been noticed and also suggested that doing a little bit of exercise and workout every day is good for your body as a whole. Not only your external body parts but also your internal organs are benefitted with the proper type of exercising regularly.

With proper working out and regular exercising, the flow and movement of oxygen is accelerated properly inside your intestine. This helps you in getting your food digested properly and ultimately offering you less trouble from stomach upset and indigestion. Thus, it has been noticed that people who are fit and are regular exercise doer are lesser prone to such problems.

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Though exercise does not cure people who are having chronic issues of stomach problems, but it can still help a lot. You cannot say that only exercising will cure you of various problems such as constipation and chronic stomach pain. But yes, if you are on a proper diet, and you are maintaining workouts and exercise regularly, there are a number of times when your trouble can be reduced. Obviously people which chronic issues do have to take some medical help also.

Reduce your stress

Do you know that stress and stomach issues are connected to each other? You must have noticed many times that people who suffer from depression or some other stress related symptom also at times suffer from stomach related issues.

This is the reason, whenever you are tensed for something; you also feel nausea in your stomach. This is often termed as a brain-gut axis by the experts. So, one of the main reasons for bowel disorders have been also considered as to be stress. Though people often overlook this reason but stress is a common reason for stomach issues.

If you have stomach disorders due to stress, then you should do things to manage your stress else you can easily get chronic stomach problems after some time. There are now a number of ways and methods through which you can manage your stress so that you do not reach the state of depression.

Keeping you stress-free can be an effective way of also keeping yourself away from stomach related issues. So, if your stomach problem is due to stress then before experimenting with food and taking medicines, it is important to regulate your stress. You can meditate or use other many methods so that you can stay free from both your mind and stomach.

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If you are already a chronic patient, this may work late but if you can control your stress, then there are records of noticing consistent changes in stomach problems in a month’s time.

Use of peppermint

Though peppermint can be a very easy and quick way of getting relief from stomach pain, but this is just a temporary solution. Though there are a number of peppermint supplements available in the medical stores that can be tried but you should take advice from your doctor also.

Some of the peppermint supplements may have some additives that can have adverse effects on your stomach. It may get you some relief from stomach pain for the time being but later on may create some other troubles. So, it is always advisable to check with a good doctor who knows about the items to which you are allergic so that they can offer you the best supplements. Even if you are going to a natural peppermint source, still you should once consult your health expert.