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4 vague things people do for independence day celebration


Independence Day in India is quite an event. The respect for this day is neverending. The people who sacrificed their lives for our Independence deserve a salute and all the respect. But they deserve improvement of the country too. They fought for us to give us a better place to live in. So according to me they deserve promises more than the tricolor displays and Independence day posts on social media. They deserve our patriotism and an inner feeling to make India better. People in India have a tendency to do many vague things on this important day. They might use this day as a pledge day and promise the nation to become an asset. But all they do is

1. Making tricolor as the social media display
People might not even care to salute a unfurling tricolor at a public gathering but they keep tricolor displays on the 15th august. Changing their displays and statuses is all they do on this auspicious day.

2. Decorating the malls and public places with the tricolor theme
Yes, it looks amazing. The tricolor balloons and the flags all around give you the feeling of celebration. But is this sufficient? Instead of the decorations special patriotic seminars and discussions on how to help the country progress would actually make the difference. The decorations really don’t matter. What actually matters is the inner patriotism.

3. Buying tricolors or may be just wearing a tricolor badge

Actually such things are really exciting, especially for the younger generations. It’s easy! (wow! i have a flag of my country. Click Click Click. Let me make a snapchat story) This is really annoying. You might like the flag and yea it is a good thing but for a while, let’s think, What about the flag after you take your freedom selfie? Yea, you got me right. It is either found in dustbins or on the floor. And then you say you respect your flag and nation.Sadly, #respect doesn’t do it.

4. Wearing the flag colors
It seems that the world has now become very superficial. Everything they do is for the sake of their happiness. People in India tend to wear orange, white and green clothes on the Independence day which is quite fun and exciting. But is that what we call patriotism ?

I feel we all must use this day for some more important things. We must try to change our minds NOT clothes NOT displays. :) Happy Independence Day to all the Indians.



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