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4 Tips to Secure the Content of your Business Blog from Plagiarism


Are you an online based business operator and desire to learn how you can secure the content of your blog from plagiarism? As a business owner who is marketing services and/or items online, the fundamental rule of search engine optimization is to ensure the content you create for your website is original if you want to increase the chances of your site to be ranked on top positions of returns pages of the various search engines.

However, even if your business’s website content is original, some people can decide to copy and use it for their own good. It can be annoying and frustrating once you discover that your business blog has been duplicated somewhere. The good news is that there are some online tools you can utilize to protect your content from being stolen.

#1 Make Only Original Content for your Site

Different search engines including Google and Bing among others love content, particularly regularly updated content. In case you wish to get people to your website, it is essential you produce content that will lure search engines so that they can rank your site on top positions of their particular search results.

When creating content for your business website, it is vital you make sure it is unique and original. Try to be creative and ensure you do not steal any ideas from other websites.


#2 Use Different Plagiarism Checkers

If you will consider utilizing plagiarism checker in your attempt to secure the content of your business blog from plagiarism, you will have a wide variety of alternatives to select from. However, be informed that every type of plagiarism checker is different from one another and having individual merits.

For instance, if you will consider using Grammarly as your plagiarism checker, this security tool will not only be helpful in checking your content if it has been plagiarized but also it will aid you in proofreading and checking grammar errors when the need occurs.

Some of the other plagiarism checker alternatives you can utilize in your attempt to secure the content of your business from plagiarism include Plagium that is another online tool that can help you know if your business content has been plagiarized.


#3 Google the Title of your Article

Once you use the aforesaid plagiarism checkers or others to confirm the uniqueness of your content, it is important you also Google the title of your article in order to check if someone has duplicated your content.

In case you realize your content has been stolen, it is appropriate you try connecting with the thief. If you find there is a piece of contact information on the website i.e. socials or emails, it is okay. However, if there is only a phone number, it is recommended you use Spokeo to find email addresses as well as social media profiles.


#4 What to do once you realize your Content Has Been Stolen

After you realize that your content has been stolen and therefore wish to punish the thief, it is vital you look for effective ways that can aid you to find the person of concern.

For instance, it is appropriate that in your attempt to locate the stealer of your content, you check if the website whereby your content has been published is having contact details such as emails or socials. Once you find an email or social media link, you can then connect with the person and settle scores on a manner that you think is better.

However, if a phone number is the only contact information you will find on the website where your content has been published, it is recommended you use reverse phone lookup option to locate email addresses as well as social media profiles.



The aforesaid tools are some of the best choices you can utilize to secure the content of your business blog from plagiarism. Ensure you make proper use of phone number lookup service when the need occurs so that you can reap from what it provides.




Valerie Malecha is a content writer for Spokeo. Her passions are marketing, traveling and meeting new people. She is experienced in business, travel, SMM and technology topics.




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