4 things that happen immediately after you graduate


College gives us the best time of our lives. From life-long friends, frenemies, flings, serious relationships to everything else, college helps us to grow as an individual. Those people whose college is over will definitely get what I am saying. College is an experience you should never give up. Alas, every good thing comes to an end and I am afraid so does college. It is a real heart-break, to say good-bye to a family with whom you spent 3-4 years of your life. It is because of them that you have such good memories. And when it finally does get over and we are back with our parents (debatable) we miss it like hell. I am sure you all will relate to what happens after you graduate.

  1. You miss your friends – This one goes without saying. They have stuck with you through every thick and thin in college and a sudden change is pretty disturbing. Now you can’t go to their rooms at one in the night to bitch about somebody or complain to them about your relationship troubles or just make fun of them. You sure do miss the epic stupidity which happens when you are together. image
  2. No more dates – Or atleast not openly. You can’t go out with your bf / gf and sometimes it is sucks. You miss the time when you could roam around openly with them or those impromptu dates you had. Nothing. Now you are under the scrutiny of your parents and going on a date doesn’t seem like such a good idea. 50561809
  3. No more trips – All of us have traveled with our friends while in college and most of the time without telling our parents. Well, now that is certainly not possible. We certainly miss those trips and outings to all the places that we could manage. Now getting the gang together is a Herculean task in itself, forget about going on a trip. 134916_340
  4. You are utterly bored – This happens right when you get home after finishing college and continues to the time when you don’t do something else. If by any chance there is a lot of time gap between the two then you need to get ready for some monotony. But in college there was always something to do. So life is kind of going to be very dull. bored

Okay not all of it is this bad but yeah, these things do happen. I don’t want to get your spirits down. You need to remember why you went to college in the first place, your passion. Many great things will happen to you after college too, because life is not yet over. You will learn the people who really matter to you, you will learn about what makes you happy, what you want to do in your life, the excitement of landing a job suiting you and many more things. So you see, these equally important things wait for you after college. Sure you can mope around for sometime, everybody does that but in the end you have to get back up and face the world head-on!