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4 things that all girls would have done in their childhood


Some things are common all around the globe, such as kid’s behavior, their cuteness and their childhood stories.

1. Ruined mother’s makeup

Every girl must have ruined their mother’s makeup at least once in their childhood. During the childhood, every girl wants to look like her mother. She sees her mother getting ready in front of a mirror and using various cosmetics. Kids always follow their parents. All the girls must have ruined their mother’s lipstick or may be eyeliner while trying to apply it. They all would have spoiled their cute little face with lipstick all over it. Some kids would have also used their mother’s lipsticks as crayons.

2. Tried mother’s shoes.

All the girls must have walked with their mother’s shoes on in their childhood. Innocent kids find it very exciting to be a grown-up. Every child wants to grow older and look like their parents. All the girls try to look taller and stylish with their mother’s heels on. It is a very exciting game for them. They wear the shoes and act like they are mothers. It is the most common game played by girls during their childhood. Also, everyone would have fallen because of the high heels at least once during their childhood. They do not care about the size difference. They feel on the top of the world by wearing their mother’s shoes.

3. Had a toy best friend

Most of the girls love to play with dolls and teddy bears. Even when they grow up, most of them have a favorite teddy bear or a doll kept in their room. Kids have a special connection with their toys. Girls, being more emotional than boys are very concerned about their toys. You can never hit their favorite teddy bear. They keep their teddy bears like babies and their dolls like princesses. Kids usually sleep with their teddy bears. It is human nature that we fall in love with the thing or person with whom we spend most of our time. If you happen to be the first child of the family, you must have had a toy best friend.

4. Tried to cook.

All the girls must have played with kitchen sets in their childhood. Drinking water in small cups and serving it to all the family members is what every girl would have done in her childhood. They are very good at copying their parents. They would try to take care of guests. Serve them tea and cookies in their tiny kitchen set cups.



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