4 Stages of betrayal.



4 Stages of Betrayal 

Betrayal is a psychological conflict within any relationship.The saddest thing about betrayal is it doesn’t comes from your enemies.There are four stages one undergoes after a betrayal!!


1.Denial:When you are completely shocked of the betrayal and you don’t want to accept the fact that they ditched.The denial of the whole situation about  what so ever is revealed;comes in course.

P.S.-Don’t think much on it.What’s meant to be;will always find its way.


2.Anger:Even the nicest people have their limits. After the betrayal,the very common phenomenon is getting angry.

P.S.- Relax and drink lots of water.Your favourite coldrink can work wonders.


3.Acceptance: Take the negative or uncontrollable situation without attempting to change it or protest against it.Accept the fact that trust is all gone.

P.S.-Go shopping,read a good book or spend time doing your favourite activity.

take it


4.Moving On:Its better to let go than to cling on.Be strong and courageous,those who did wrong will eventually screw up themselves.

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P.S.-Karma does exist.