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4 reasons why everyone needs to experience breakup once


“That’s it. Its over. I think its not gonna work between us” . Did you ever heard of these words from your partner ? Chill this isn’t end of the world. Love is definitely a unforgettable memory and best thing that could happen to someone in one’s life. It will give you fun, joy and happiness what not everything. Eventually it could turn out to be that nightmare in one’s life who’s scars are incurable. It is said that sometimes you have to experience grief in order to enjoy the happiness. Yeah golden words, because you could enjoy happiness only when you know the sadness. Break up is such thing which should happen in one’s life at least once. If you had a terrible break up, we would suggest you that you are in a very good phase as this is like a turning in your life for more good things coming. Here are those four reasons why everyone must experience break up in their life.

1) For Mental strength 

You would have spoke to your girl/boy friend every day, every minute and yeah updating every single thing you have done. They say nothing is permanent in this world. So once you experience break up there would be no communication between you and your partner. You might feel you are lost and you couldn’t bare his/her absence as you got so much habituated to them. Well, this is the phase which you become mentally strong. You will understand that life is normal even without his/her presence. This truth realization will help you through out your life.


2) Self Assessment 

No one is perfect in this world. There might be some reasons why the other one has left you. Break up is such sort of analyzing time where you will self assess about your pros and cons which has leaded the person to leave you. Work to improvise them, not to get a new partner but to make your life perfect and yourself perfect.

3) Diversion 

Post breakup time is the best time to take up new things. You will know how to keep yourself busy and you will realize how much quality time you actually have in your day which you have wasted until now. You will try to divert your self, change yourself and importantly you will learn how to self control yourself. You would put all your interest in some new hobby or game or may be into work which could help you not only to forget your past but could make your life much better.

4) Knowing who are your true pals

Your friends would have quoted your pair as Hot and best when you both are together and may be they would have enjoyed all your parties thrown by you. This is the right time to test where those friends actually stand in your list. They should offer their support not sympathy in this testing phase of your life. Well you know what to do with those sort of folks who aren’t reliable.

So guys and girls, if you think you were lost with a break up you were wrong. We would say you were just born again !!



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