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4 Reasons to thank your ex for leaving you single again


Yes! That’s right. Wondering why to look back and thank your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend? well, it is hard to believe because the only thing you recall is all the pain you felt during break-up. But if you need to move on or have already moved on, there are instances at some point of time where you need to forget the fact that you were upset about being separated and here are the reasons why you need to be thank them for leaving you single again:


Enjoy Complete Freedom:

Noting could get better than this and you couldn’t have asked for anything better. You have no restrictions towards anything. Particularly if your ex was possessive. Dress the way you want, go to places wherever you wish to visit, go to sleep and wake up whenever you want to. You do not require any permission and you take decisions on your own. Also fulfill your dreams and visit those destinations which you always wished to and those which you paused thinking of touring various places.


You get to know about yourself even better:

Appreciate the fact and thank your ex for this. Knowing about yourself is more important than knowing about others. You start re-discovering your hobbies and get connected within yourself when you stay alone. You get to think what type of partner you really deserve and start deciding what exactly you want to be which you never thought of when you were in a relationship. Here’s an opportunity where you can decide and start preparing your career goals.


You get to spend more time with your family and real friends:

Family is always your first role model in your life. If you do not have a valentine on valentine’s day, never be upset because most of them don’t have Mother to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father to celebrate Father’s day. Consider yourself a luckiest one in the universe if you get to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day and be thankful to them.

Apart from Family, it’s your friends who stayed with you throughout your ups and downs. These are friends to whom with you can share each and everything. Here’s an opportunity to spent time with people who like to spend time with you and vice-versa rather than spending time with a wrong person or the one who doesn’t deserve it. 


You can save huge bucks:

This says it all! What could get better by saving money rather than spending money on useless things gifting your partner while being in a relationship? All of sudden you see your wallet still remains thick, credit card statement reduces drastically and here’s the opportunity where you get to spend on yourself being single. 



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