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4 reasons why revival of old songs is good


Revival of old songs has now become a trend. Old bollywood songs are coming back to life in the form of unplugged songs, mashups, fused versions, new versions and what not. They might just use the chorus of an old song or may be just a music portion and revive it in the best possible way. Although sometimes, it doesn’t go really well but yet in most of the cases it is a pleasure to listen to these songs. There are a few reasons why the revival of these old songs is good.

1. It is a connection between two generations.

Today’s generation likes to listen to pop music and EDM which most of the parents can’t even understand. They keep wondering if those songs make any sense or not. They keep flaunting about the music of their time which actually had good lyrics. These revived or new versions of old songs help the parents connect to the present music. Music might be different in a few cases and there might be some additions in the song but it has the same lyrics. so, people of two generations can actually sing it together and enjoy.

2. It is a token of respect for the old incredible singers of bollywood.

Revival of the songs of the golden period of bollywood is a very good way to pay the tribute to the incredible singers of olden times. It keeps them alive among ourselves. Although their music is immortal but through these new versions it spreads further among st the new generations and keeps the spirit of the song alive for a longer period of time.It is a nice way to show courtesy to their work.

3. We can preserve the old music this way.

Old music is like heritage. It needs to be preserved for our future generations. We might not be able to convince our kids to listen to old slow music. But this way of doing it is effective. For example, every small kid is singing ‘dheere dheere’ these days without realizing it is the new version of a very old song.

4. It takes you back to the old days.

It is nice to see people singing these songs and suddenly the older version also becomes popular all over again. You might hear that song everywhere not necessarily the new version but the original song too. So it takes you to the old times again. You might see your parents singing the song with you. It just adds value to the song. You actually start liking the older version all together without realizing it.



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