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4 Reasons Why The Martian Was An Unrivalled Movie!


When it comes to speculation and anticipation of space technology, about whether there exists another earth or galaxy, about the ominous black hole, about the free movement without gravity, about how astronauts survive in space for years and about the quest of another extraterrestrial existence. Eminent scientists say that universe is expanding and there are several other galaxies as mine. Only if a spaceship travel at the speed of light for around thousand years, will we be able to escape the milky way galaxy and witness another. Now this, practically and technically beyond our imaginations. This field catches the attention of every individual, irrespective of their prior knowledge, given the fact aliens and life beyond earth, is the deepest, costliest, and the most sought after mystery. There comes a movie that takes you to another world. It has been cinematographed so remarkably that the 3D visuals will keep you awestruck and on the edge in The Martian. If you’ve missed it, How Could You??

#1. Great concept: The Martian is about an astronaut Marc Whatney, left stranded at Mars who was part of a NASA mission. The crew thought he is dead, and official obituaries were being made on earth. However, it turns out that he is living and NASA authorities fret and make anxious decisions over his rescue. Meanwhile, with lack of communication, limited food and near defunct non-assisted technology, Whatney begins his survival strategies, grows potatoes, records all of his experiences, travels in a rover, successfully finds a pathfinder, communicates to NASA that he is alive and waiting for help, setting the hysteria for the rest of movie. The whole movie revolves around the rescue plan and constantly reminds the audience that how expensive and challenging is the mission from Mars.

#2. NASA: In an exciting collaboration with NASA, we get to see some real insides. The director taking tough and life-changing decisions, surprising Chinese assistance, public relations dilemma, spokesperson restrictions, the technical extravaganza, wonderful insides from International Space Station, jaw-dropping visuals of Mars and the physics or science discussed over the mission. The intricacies faced by the team given the shortage of time, and relentless spirit of Marc Whatney alone out in a desolate planet, gives you chills and tears. The emotional connect he makes in his loneliness, despair as well as hope has been amazingly expressed.

#3. Actors: The complete cast of the movie seems so original that it actually appears the real stern director is talking on your face, the actual technical team is operating the supercomputers, the original equipments or apparatuses are being displayed, the tensions are real and the world is watching. Their performance is so closely knitted with the practical scenario and full of motivation to bring one single astronaut back splurging another round of thousands of dollars. Realistic acting transcends every scene and gets you grounded. Veterans such as Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Melissa Lewis, Kristen Wiig, Annie Montrose, Jeff Daniels and others have made it awesome.

#4. Overall: The movie is a emotional and technical manifestation of space sciences. The live broadcast of the end of mission showing public watching the final rescue mission at Beijing in China, Times Square at the United States, Trafalgar Square at the United Kingdom and rest of the world is truly invigorating and energising. The whole crew who left him behind agrees to extend their mission to more than 500 days just for the sake of rescue and finally the leader catches him somersaulting in space risking her life. The movie shows love, enigma, science, technology, and ultimately humanity. It is a must watch, with friends, family and kids. It is simply EPIC!



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