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4 Reasons for an Extended Stay in Toronto


Toronto: it’s the city in Canada with the highest population figures, and that’s already more than a hint that there’s a whole lot going on. As a must-visit Canadian city, there’s business to be done, sights to be seen, and fun to be had – way more than you can manage in a flying visit. So with this hint to make an extended stay in Toronto, let’s take a closer look at some of the things you could be doing, and how easy it will be to fill up all that time! 

1. Boost Your Business and Make New Contacts 

Host to trade shows of every imaginable kind and every sort of business you could care to name, Toronto is a great place to build your network and get potential customers interested in your business. The places you’ll visit and the people you’ll hope to meet depend on your industry and the opportunities you’re exploring, but whether you’re into technology, tourism, or high-flight finance, this is the place to be if you want to make your mark doing business with Canadians.  

2. Get in Touch with the Visual Arts 

While Toronto is a bustling hub for business, it’s also an internationally renowned center for the arts. Hit the Entertainment District, Toronto’s answer to Broadway to take in some world-class musical theater, or take the kids to enjoy live entertainment with the Young People’s Theatre. Looking for something more highbrow? From ballet to symphony to opera, there’s always something worth seeing in this diverse and talented city.  

The Immersive Van Gogh Center has to be experienced to be believed, and you can spend many happy hours gaining inspiration at the Art Gallery of Toronto or any one of the many galleries that showcase the visual arts in this creative city.  

3. Sporting Events and Action 

No visit to Toronto would be complete without taking in a few sporting events. Capture the buzz of an Ice Hockey match, enjoy watching the skill and speed of Toronto’s basketball players, or take in some football or soccer. Get caught up by the enthusiasm of the crowds, pick a team, and cheer them on to victory.  

Toronto loves its equestrian sports too, and if watching isn’t all you want to do, then going horseback riding is a simple matter of a 30-minute trip from downtown Toronto to the nearest equestrian center. In winter, there’s skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating, and even snowshoeing. Visit spots like Centennial Park and Earl Bales Park for your share of the action when the snowfalls are good.  

4. Sample a Cocktail of Cultures 

Toronto does multiculturalism in a big way, and you could easily turn your visit as a kind of world tour of cultures. Indigenous culture comes first with unique dishes, colorful indigenous art, and beautiful handicrafts to admire. Explore Toronto’s Chinatown for a taste of the Far East in the West, and don’t miss out on the Bohemian vibe in Kensington market.  

Work, Play, and Play Again 

Take a guided tour to admire some of the city’s fabulous architecture, both old and new, visit the waterfront, book your place on an old-fashioned sailing ship or a modern yacht, and of course, visit Niagara Falls. Mixing work with play is second nature in Toronto and you’ll soon get into the swing of things, alternating high-powered business meetings with nightlife, fine dining, festivals, and sightseeing. Can you do it all in a week or two? Probably not! Extend your stay and enjoy this vibrant city to the fullest.  



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